4 Tips to Turning Your Travels into a Job

From Bali to Bangkok and Belfast to France, do you dream of travelling the world? Travel bloggers and journalists have some of the most coveted jobs in the world. They get to roam around the world seeing amazing sights and exploring new cities. Best of all, they get paid to do it!

If you’re looking to make travelling your full-time profession, we’re here to help. Read on for our 4 favourite tips to turn your travels into a job.

1. Work Remotely

One of the easiest ways to transition into a travelling lifestyle is to find a fully remote job. A fully remote job will allow you to work full-time from anywhere with an internet connection.

The good news is that the workforce is increasingly removing towards fully remote offices. It’s estimated that 1 in 4 jobs will be remote in 2021—that’s 25% of businesses!

Once you’ve secured a remote position, it’s just a matter of finding an internet connection that works for your lifestyle. Options include:

  • Find a local spot with free Wi-Fi: Coffee shops, libraries, and hotel lobbies can be awesome places to get Wi-Fi.
  • An external wireless card: You can plug this into your laptop to strengthen your computer’s ability to find nearby Wi-Fi connections.
  • A travel router: This allows you to bring the Wi-Fi with you wherever you go.
  • Use your phone as a hotspot: This can be a good choice in a pinch, though it’s not as strong as traditional Wi-Fi and can run your bill up dramatically. Be sure to check with your provider before doing so.

Then, after a long day of work, use some CBD vape juice to help you sleep, so you can rest and recharge for the next day.

2. Work for a Worldwide Company

If you’d still like to work in a more traditional company, but don’t want to give up the opportunity to travel to a new city, look for a job at a worldwide company that has the opportunity for secondment.

A secondment is like a study abroad program for the workplace. Think of it like a job rotation. Through a secondment, you can have the opportunity to work from one of your company’s international offices for a designated period of time. For instance, you could work from a European or Asian branch of your organization.

3. Become a Travel Blogger

The amazing thing about travel blogging is that your travel will literally pay for itself. Travelling gives you the opportunity to see all types of different places and meet all sorts of different people. All of these new experiences give you a perspective that would surely benefit the world. Why not blog about it?

Before launching your blog, decide an angle for it. Will you blog about travelling from a parent’s perspective? Will you search for eco-friendly experiences or immerse yourself in a new way of life? This theme will help others find you and connect with you.

You may be wondering, “How will that make me money?” Here are ways to monetize your travel blog:

  • Become an advertiser for Google Adsense. You’ve definitely seen these ads before; they’re the banner ads on popular websites. You’ll make money every time one of your visitors clicks on an ad.
  • Become an affiliate for your favourite products and promote them on your blog using an affiliate link. Each time one of your followers makes a purchase through the link, you’ll get a kickback.
  • Write paid articles about local spots you travel to. If you have a good enough following, tourist attractions will be willing to pay you to write about their businesses.

4. Become a Teacher

Do you want to get paid to travel the world and do good, too? Become a teacher abroad. Abroad placements for English teachers are typically 1- to 2-year stints in foreign countries. In exchange for board and pay, Americans teach English in foreign locations.

In order to become an English teacher, you’ll likely need to do the following:

  • Connect with an online tutor organization that is looking for English teachers. Be sure that the organization you’re connecting with is legitimate. If you can, connect with people who have done the program before to get their impressions of the experience.
  • Attain a TEFL certificate. This is a certificate that verifies that you’re trained to teach English as a foreign language. Most organizations will require you to have one prior to hiring you.
  • Make sure your passport allows you to teach in the country of your choice. Some countries have restrictions on who they can and cannot hire as a teacher.

With these four tips, you’ll be able to turn your fun vacations into a successful source of income.

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