Online Bus Tickets vs Traditional Bus Tickets – What’s Better?

Travelling by bus is a blessing for many. It makes commuting more convenient, is pocket-friendly and offers a different perspective to exploring the city. In recent times, the entire concept of travelling by bus has changed and evolved for the better. Whether it is buying online bus ticket or availing various services and offers, travelling by bus comes as a unique experience. But when it comes to buying tickets, would you rather go the traditional way or prefer buying your tickets online?

Traditional vs Online Bus Tickets

When we talk about traditional bus tickets, it refers to the age-old system of visiting a ticket counter, making your purchase and then making your way to the right bus stand. This has been the system for decades but in recent years, due to the advancement of technology, the concept of online bus tickets is slowly replacing the traditional system.

Today, e-tickets are more popular and are commonly being used by bus travellers. E-Tickets are quite different from traditional tickets and come with a whole lot more benefits. Each of these online bus tickets are unique since it contains personalised information about the passenger. To buy such online bus tickets, you have to first download and register on an e-ticketing website or mobile app. Then you have to make some selections such as date of travelling, pick-up and drop-off points, seat, additional information, etc. Once all this is done, you will proceed to make the online payment and once that is done, you will receive a confirmation and the ticket that needs to be printed and shown to the respective person while onboarding the bus.

On the other hand, you do not have to print a mobile ticket (or an m-ticket). Just show the ticket on your phone, have it scanned and get going! While travelling by bus, all you have to do is show your online bus tickets on your smartphone while onboarding and you will be directed towards your seat. An m-ticket generally comes with a barcode which is scanned and provides all the information regarding your online bus tickets. What’s more, m-tickets act as a better commodity for users, reduce queues at bus stops, reduce printing costs, decrease the possibility of losing your ticket, etc. By making the switch from the traditional method of buying bus tickets to e-tickets or m-tickets,  consumers now enjoy having more time on hand and explore Malaysia better while riding the bus.

Future of Online Ticketing

An online bus ticketing system provides customers with a centralized network, a one-stop for all their travel requirements. They can make reservations and cancel them in real-time, from the comfort of their homes. As opposed to a traditional system wherein individuals make personal visits to ticket counters or seek help from travel agents, an online system presents them with a framework that offers a hassle-free process, with the best available options. Since traveling by bus is one of the most adaptable methods of transport, customers of all social classes deem it important. The rise in the number of Internet users has helped influence the online system into existence, and as the number continues to grow, the system will be able to cater to a larger group of people in need of their services.

An online system also offers a more personalized treatment where making travel reservations are concerned, with discounts and offers on hotels influencing the target audience to make bookings. The future will continue to be bright as the system will help interested customers discover newer arrangements, prompting them to use the system again in the future. With the travel industry booming, the future for the online bus ticketing system is sure to reach new heights.


Today, smartphones are becoming our very own digital wallet to store all kinds of things – online bus tickets to cash. This gives retailers and developers the opportunity to explore different avenues and come with timely innovations. Online bus tickets are the future and they have already started making a presence in towns and cities everywhere. In the long run, it is definitely the more convenient option when compared to traditional bus tickets.

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