Ways of Making Money as a Digital Nomad in Thailand

A quintessential digital nomad is a person who lives in different cities around the world and makes a living online. From groceries, laundry to co-working spaces and mobile data, we hope this digital nomad guide to making money in Thailand will motivate you to settle in that country.

Target the city of Chiang Mai

It is important to know the cost of living in different cities of Thailand in order to know how much to save to sustain the expectations of a lifestyle you want to live in. Since the country is cheap, it is easy to set up business in a destination like Chiang Mai without having to sacrifice on the finer things of life.

Start a blog

Starting a blog is a great way to make some passive income in the initial stages. If you can master the mechanics of online marketing your blog will continue to earn income even if you are not doing any work. That said, as a digital nomad you will have to find a unique topic to write about and become an expert in the field concerned.

Offer professional services

If you have some professional skill as a lawyer or designer, for example, you can utilise it to earn additional money by hosting it on a number of sites. From Freelancer to Upwork, you can put the vast internet network to your monetary benefit. You just need to find a niche audience and get the message across as to how your course can get them real-time results.

Teach English Virtually

If your passion is travelling and teaching on the go then you can do both. In a country like Thailand which relies on tourism, you can always opt to teach English online. However, since it is a developing country, the wages won’t be much but enough to make your ends meet. You can teach just about anything over Skype. All you require is a good and reliable internet connection, a laptop and some high-class Bluetooth earbuds.

Become a remote Social media manager

When you are living in a less-expensive country like Thailand where the cost of living is low, you can earn a substantial amount of money by assisting people with their social marketing needs. Most people need social marketing these days so finding clients should not be difficult.

Set up a forex trading platform

Forex trading in Thailand is a popular way to make income from anywhere, while at home, in a coffee shop or whatever the case may be. Just remember that to take a ‘nomad’ approach to your task, focus only on the higher time frame charts based on which you will make your daily trading decisions. It will take time getting used to, but gradually your trading performance will improve if you adopt this strategy. Be sure to choose a reputed trading platform such as Metatrader 5.

Meet other digital nomads.

The lifestyle of a digital nomad can at times become lonesome, especially when you are settling down in a new country. Luckily, Thailand is favoured by expats who organise events and workshops in various cities like Chiang Mai and Bangkok, for nomads to meet and network. This is a great way to meet like-minded people that can improve your travel and work lifestyle by getting you new contacts to expand your business.

You cannot become a digital nomad at the spur of the moment. You may start as a side income job and gradually work your way up to make a sustainable income. With just a laptop and internet it is possible to make digital nomadism a dream job, not only in Thailand, but as you travel the globe.

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