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Travel and Tourist Tips. Living as lifestyle of travel in Asia we share our travel tips to make the most of travelling and experiences.

Drinking Ya Dong Satun. Langkawi to Bangkok via Satun, Southeast Asia

Local Immersion in Asia

Travelling in Southeast Asia can easily go from one tourist attraction to the next. Little excitement and little learned. For this reason I always promote local immersion and independent travel in Southeast Asia; getting off the backpacker trail to find your own unique and local experiences. Admittedly not easy with fresh eyes for the region but …

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Crisp Pork Belly Penang, Is Street Food Safe? Eating in Southeast Asia

Street Food is for Everyone!

Dodgy stomach? Must have been the street food. The easy culprit for blame. With people far more likely to share bad experiences than good – there is an obvious and unjust bad rap for street food. This and people’s love for hilarious poop stories. “Ate Bangkok street food. Bathroom looks like a Jackson Pollock #lol”. So is …

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Large Whisky, Survival Guide to Long Haul Flights, Flying to Asia

Surviving Long Haul Flights

Tea sir? Tea? Would you like some Tea? Tea? Ceylon tea? The final stretch of long-haul flights is excruciating. Braindead, muscle numb, squirming in anguish. There is nothing at all enjoyable about long-haul flights. I have had the misfortune of flying with 15 individual long-haul carriers in the past 10 years. Every flight as agonising …

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