Best Motorhome Destinations in Europe

A relaxing road trip via a motorhome anywhere in Europe should prove to be a fascinating experience. However, the vacation will prove even more relaxing and memorable, if you have insurance on your motorhome. Now, the big question is – out of the various insurance companies offering the service, which one will prove most advantageous for you? Therefore, to find the most affordable motorhome insurance quote, you will need a comparison website. Why not settle this matter before you begin your journey! These are some of the best motorhome destinations in Europe

Northern Europe                                

Almost 1,450 km in length, this route in Scandinavia is an extremely scenic one. It carries the title of King’s Road, as it brings about a connection between the east and the west. Therefore, you will find yourself wending amongst both, bustling cities, and superb landscapes. The route covers everything between the Norwegian mountains and St. Petersburg in Russia, including Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo, etc.


People fondly refer to it as the Pearl of the Adriatic Sea! If you love traversing alongside mountains and coasts, the Croatian Adriatic Highway is the way to go! It stretches from Opatija to Dubrovnik. The deep-blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea are on the right, and curving mountain roads on the left. The highlights of this route are the Plitvice Lakes National Park, and two medieval cities (Split and Zagreb).


The 2,500 km coastal road is the longest in the world. It begins in the north (Derry) and ends in the south (Kinsale). It is renowned as the Wild Atlantic Way. This motorhome destination awards you magnificent glimpses of winding roads bordered by green landscapes on either side. You should be able to view steep and towering cliffs too. Take a dip in the Atlantic Ocean along the way. Relax by the bayside. Two popular ones are Malin Beg and Ashleam Bay.


The Ring Road covers only 1,300 km. Regardless, do not be in a hurry to cover it as quickly as you can. Do stop wherever and whenever you can, to gaze upon Mother Nature’s miracles. For instance, two waterfalls that provide astounding visual appeal, are Seljalandsfoss and Gullfoss. Reykjavik, the capital city, has several attractions to offer. In case, your journey in the countryside occurs during the months close to ‘solstice’ time, you may even witness the Northern Lights.


Your motorhome will take you through a circuitous route, enabling you to view 30 snow-white villages. The route goes by the name of Ruta de los Pueblos Blancos. You will adore crossing the Andalusian mountains (from Arcos de la Frontera), viewing the Zahara de la Sierra municipality, and the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park, along the way. The villages nestle within the cozy arms of the surrounding mountains. The foliage is lush and green, boasting of numerous olive trees with their gnarled trunks. The constructions in the village adhere to the Moorish/Arabian type of architecture. Perfect for some romance in Spain.

Best of the Rest

These are just a few motorhome destinations. Others include Central Europe (The Route of Emperors and Kings), Italy (Passa dello Stelvio/Stelvio Pass), Scotland (West Highland Way), Germany (Rheinische Sagenweg), or France (Route des Grandes Alpes).

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