Top UK Camping Destinations

Nothing can compare to the thrill and excitement of spending a few nights under the starry night under canvas. With more and more campsites reopening after the lockdowns, it is no surprise to see camp lovers making a beeline for their favorite spots and destinations. And one of the most popular countries that have always been a hit with campers is the UK.

The UK is well known for and provided for its smartly crafted campsites that are safe and away from the crowds and offer the very essence of the experience. It is hard to resist the fresh country air, great outdoors during the day, and stargazing at night.

What to pack for your Camping trip?

There are no set rules for what you will need to pack as a lot depends on your unique circumstances and what kind of camping experience you are looking for. Still, one must pack certain essentials for both outdoors and indoors.

You will need blankets, pillows, a sleeping bag, a plug-in or battery, or a portable charging station, as well as mosquito netting, flashlights, matches, candles, water dispensers, firewood, ”hammocks, etc. Clothing items to consider include T-shirts, raincoats, socks, pants and shorts, swimsuits, gloves, sunglasses, and underwear. You can easily find these items in a popular online army surplus store in the UK and jet set for your adventure in no time.

For those looking for the top camping destinations in the UK, here are some sites to consider.

Kilvrecht Campsite

Located in the heart of Scotland, Kilvrecht offers you the perfect opportunity for a complete and ultimate escape from the life of the cities. Stay away from the electrical hookups and breathe in that fresh forest air. You can go swimming, fishing and strolling through the forests.

Moss Side Farm Campsite

Located in Northwest England, Moss Side Farm boasts wide-open views and plenty of small-scale farms. Get ready for wildlife and fine views along with campfires on a natural plateau. You will love the solitude and secluded feel when camping here.

Lazy Duck Campsite

Lazy Duck Campsite is located in Cairngorms National Park, and it means you get plenty of opportunities to spot red squirrels, resident ducks, and more wildlife as you walk on trails through the forest. You can add a dash of luxury by opting for a wood-fired hot tub or book a massage or yoga class.

Jubilee Campsite

Jubilee Camping site is very near to the New Forest National Park and follows traditional camping principles. The site’s owners strongly believe in staying close to nature and thus offer a great combination of space, tents-only rule, and campfires. Because of the large size of the campgrounds, the place will never feel overcrowded.

Fidden Farm Campsite

Nestled on the Isle of Mull, the Fidden Farm, with its crystal-clear waters and white sands, is a remote site that is located right near the beach. Spend the days exploring the rugged coastline and spotting wildlife and, at night, fall asleep by the sound of waves. You can bike, jog, kayak, or go swimming.

Celtic Campsite

The farm and campsite rest within the National Trust land, along the shores of the Irish Sea. Explore the camping meadows and get ready for the farm’s great holiday. As you step on the delightful ground, you will be floored by the magnificent views along the coast. Take advantage of the sheltered swimming cove and the direct access to the Pembrokeshire Coast Path and enjoy outdoor activities such as campfires and barbecues.

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