5 Romantic Cities in Spain for Couples

Spain is a top choice for all kinds of holidaymakers: ones looking for an exciting outdoor retreat, a solo week for self-searching, a party holiday for friends, and, of course, a lovely romantic couple’s trip. Famous for its amorous cities and charming villages to explore with your loved ones, Spain is an excellent place to be in this year. So let’s make your planning a bit easier and see the top 5 romantic Spanish cities! 


Walking in Seville creates an intimate aura around you, and it does not matter if you take a stroll in the romantic evening lights or during broad daylight. With the perfect mixture of Moorish architecture and Andalusian designs, the city feels like a magical place, one in which you can relax and forget all the troubles of real life. It is also very easily reachable! If the capital city is your starting point, just take the Madrid to Seville train

Anything here works for couples, so do not hesitate to participate in the most popular tourist activities, such as visiting the Alcazar and Cathedral of Seville Alcazar Seville Tickets. Also, take an evening walk across the famous Santa Cruz neighbourhood. Slowly fall in love with the city and with one another, yet again!

5 Romantic Cities in Spain for Couples


This stunning city in the region of Castile and Leon will surely leave you surprised and happy! Blessed with the most amazing architecture and historical displays, Salamanca has been recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Site

Hand in hand, discover the wonders of Romanesque, Gothic, Moorish, Rennaissance, and Baroque styles, making the city a picturesque holiday location. Ancient buildings and streets will prove to be very romantic, especially in the evening light. Take some tours such as exploring the New and Old Cathedrals, Clerecia Church, and the Roman Bridge. Couples that learn together stay together! 

Head to Plaza Mayor, a national monument and city centre, for an evening dinner. Admire the liveliness of Spaniards while trying out traditional cuisine with a delicious glass of wine!

And, if you are waiting for a sign regarding a magical ring on your finger, head to the University of Salamanca. According to legends, if you manage to spot a carved frog on the facade of the oldest university in Spain, you are to be married within a year! 

5 Romantic Cities in Spain for Couples


While you might think Barcelona is way too overcrowded and cliched to be anything romantic, you are very wrong! Actually, compared to Madrid, the city still keeps a strong sense of romance in its essence, even being as popular and visited as it is. So hop on the quick Madrid to Barcelona train and let us prove you wrong! 

For example, for an intimate setting, you could head to the Green Oasis at El Labyrinth d’Horta. Take a walk through refreshing gardens and enjoy the perfectly manicured greenery without the crowds of tourists. And if you want to go 100% in, find the Garden of Roses. Can it get more lovey-dovey than this? 

If you want to do something out of the ordinary like touring and hiking, try out a cooking class! With real Portuguese chefs guiding you through the authentic cuisine, you get to share this exciting experience with your loved one, and hopefully, it will add something to your daily menu! 

You could also do a day trip to Sant Sadurni d’Anoia, the capital of Cava. With stunning vineyards around, taste some of the best Spanish wines and grab a bottle to enjoy together later! Now, who’s to say Barcelona is not romantic? 

5 Romantic Cities in Spain for Couples


Even being only 73 km from Madrid, the wonderful Toledo is remote and generally a chill city. However, while it lacks the sweet, romantic feel mentioned previously, Toledo is rich in a way no other city in Spain is. 

Known as the “City of Three Cultures,” it is home to Christians, Muslims, and Jews. The cultures have been living together in harmony for many centuries, each leaving a clear mark and contributing to the general landscape. 

Grab your loved one and go explore the beauty of mosques, churches, synagogues, fabulous city squares, and streets. The possibilities are endless, so you will not be caught in a dull moment. Especially while having your partner nearby!

We suggest you visit Cathedral Primada to see the best example of Spanish Gothic designs and the Monastery of San Juan de Los Reyes – a building of great history. It was commissioned by Spanish royalty, both to serve as a Dynastic Mausoleum and to commemorate winning the Battle of Toro. 

5 Romantic Cities in Spain for Couples


Often overlooked due to the more famous neighbours, Cordoba is a hidden gem of Spain and a perfect destination for your holiday retreat. However, being so close to Seville, Malaga, and Granada helps when trying to reach the city via Spain trains

A certain glamour and lavishness Cordoba carries so effortlessly creates a perfect setting for a proposal, anniversary trip, or even a honeymoon stop! The city is perfect if you simply want aesthetic surroundings to admire, a top-tier cuisine to try out, or do lots of sightseeing! 

We suggest you make time to visit the top attraction here – Mezquita Cathedral. Built in 786 by Moorish settlers, the cathedral slowly adapted to Cordoba and eventually became a full Christian church in 1236. Still, naturally, it combines a few architectural styles, making it one of the most impressive historical buildings in Spain.

You should also head to the Historic Center of Cordoba, a part of the city with stunning monuments, galleries, and other culturally significant sites to see! 

5 Romantic Cities in Spain for Couples

Here you go – 5 charming and unique cities for you to enjoy with your chosen one. So relax and take in the natural romanticism of Spain, share it with each other, and have the best time exploring the country. It is time to create some unforgettable memories! 

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