An Introduction to Bangkok Student Life

Just another evening in Sripatum University. 5PM is when the University begins to empty and the common areas come to life with student groups congregating for randomness. Each week I find myself sat in the middle of it fiddling with my laptop. I don’t know what happened at my UK university after hours (I never went). If it was like Bangkok Student Life I may have made the effort.

Frats and Hazing the Freshers

This happens year-round. In the main hangout hall of Sripatum University, there are three sets of bongo drums. These drums are used in hazing the ‘freshies’. The ring leader (senior) beats the drum and the freshy (first year) students dance in code.

The frats chant faculty songs e.g. “Architecture is Awesome, We are Cool…” A favourite melody depicts being a chicken, being spiked up the ass with a stick, then cooked on a barbecue – “ron jing jing, ron jing jing” (“it’s really hot, it’s really hot”). The nerdy, weird or insolent individuals are selected for embarrassing tasks e.g. sing and dance for a random stranger.

Pictured below the students are forced to wriggle like snakes under the common area picnic tables. They circled the hall for about an hour.

Other Randomness

Break Dancing and B’Boys take the centre of the main hall. Ghetto blasters play hip-hop and techno. Other students pose with skateboards. Occasionally other students appear for Badminton or Taekwondo.

Around Campus 

All sorts are found around campus. Examples below: Football, cheerleading preparations and aerobics/dancing. The bottom two are a favourite with the ladyboys.

Sripatum University Bus Stop 

Out front of Sripatum University is the bus stop and minivan pickup area. Students loiter, eat street food, and wait for buses. We eat from the tasty Isaan sausage stand pictured.

Getting Back to Bangkok Centre

Sripatum University to central Bangkok by taxi at this time (7pm) would take hours. The quickest and cheapest route is a 40-minute minivan ride in rush hour traffic to Major Phaholyothin. A 5-minute walk past roadside markets and street food find the Phaholyothin MRT Subway Station. A 30-minute subway brings us to Asoke Interchange. A 10 baht motorbike taxi gets us home. The first two images are taken from the front of the minivan. The third image from the back.

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