The Creep at Sripatum University

On moving to Bangkok I made a promise to Fanfan. Until we find a condo near the University campus I would go with her to study each day. Two years later we still haven’t moved. I now spend my weekdays at Sripatum University observing the weirdness of Bangkok student life. To be fair I am the weird one. Sripatum University is located far from Bangkok city centre and the only other farang (foreigner) to be seen is some beefy fella with a shaved head (guessing a teacher). I spend my days sitting with a notebook at a picnic table in the main common area. There are hundreds of places to sit but here is the busiest. Plus the surrounding mayhem helps me relax. I am sure the students think of me as the ‘weird farang at Sripatum’. In for a penny in for a pound. I am now the ‘weird Farang taking photos at Sripatum’. Will update this blog when interesting stuff happens.


Surrounding Mayhem

There’s always something happening in the main hall at Sripatum. Exhibitions. Sports. Singing. Dancing. With nothing new happening I am entertained by daily bongo drums and Fresher Hazings. Today I was treated well. The main stage of the hall was taken over by a Thai pop-rock band followed by a pretty girl singing Thai ballads. A finale of students holding candles surrounded a paper tree while what sounded like Disney music deafened the hall. There was probably a meaning behind it all which I completely failed to acknowledge. The rest of the day was fairly relaxing. The sun beats down on palm trees outside. Birds make nests in the light fittings above.

Student Cliques

I sit beside the frats and fresher hazings. Mostly because no one else wants to sit near them making it easy to find plugs for my notebook. The main hall has its cliques. The smokers smoke at the far back. The ladyboys dance at the main entrance. The girls in cute dresses and high heels circle. I know what you’re thinking. A strapping lad like myself surrounded by pretty Thai students. Other than the occasional hello, smile or brush past and giggle I am left happily alone. I kind of blend in now. People are used to me being there no matter how strange it is. Would I rather be lounging at my pool with laptop and beer? Maybe.

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