Snooping in a Duck Shop

A short walk from the Phahon Yothin MRT subway station is this delicious roast duck restaurant (Ped Yang). We often pass by on our way back from Sripatum University and occasionally call in for a bowl of Noodle Soup (Kuey Teow Ped) or duck on rice (Khao na Ped). Curiosity got the better of me on my last visit and so I went snooping in the duck shop.

Marinating Roast Duck

Taking a sneaky peek back shop I find lines of hanging ducks. For a shop with no more than 6 small tables they sure have a lot of duck. Speaking to the owner he tells me that the ducks are sold whole locally. He also tells me about how the glazed red skin comes from the rich red marinade pictured below.

The ducks are then left to hang and marinade before being put into the large metal kiln. Looking at the images I doubt this roast duck restaurant would cover Food Hygiene Regulations of the west. But this obviously doesn’t deter people locally or myself.

Trays of Shui Jiao Koong (shimp dumplings) are freshly made out back to be added to the Duck Noodle Soup.

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