Occupation: The Hamburglar

Family Name: Wilson, Given Name(s): Allan, Occupation: …….? I struggle at this point. When first travelling I had no occupation. I was a university dropout with nothing to say for myself. Every time I travelled the hotel check-in would force me to fill the blank. Does it really matter? Whatever I write it was going to be a lie. So if I lie it should at least benefit me? This is when my travel occupation became travel writing. I became a travel writer on the hope of preferential treatment or a room upgrade on check-in. I didn’t actually write about travel.

My occupation as a travel writer was short-lived as dreams of exotic upgrades never came to fruition… So if I lie I should at least make myself exciting? From here on I lived out my childhood dreams. I could be anything I ever dreamed of. Pro footballer, brain surgeon, cosmonaut. Magician, time traveller, superhero. Marco Polo, Phileas Fogg, The Hamburglar. My job as US President went unquestioned.

If my travel check-ins were ever retraced I would look like the world’s dumbest secret agent or possibly the smartest.

Completing Hotel Check-In Form (Occupation: the Hamburglar)

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