Top Spots for Cruising in Croatia

I remember our first visit to Croatia when we planned a 2-week road trip in East and Central Europe when the focus was on our main attraction of Plitvice Lakes before the Med coastline. So we were kind of gutted when Fanfan’s Schengen visa was only multi-entry and we had to turn back from the Italy border. But Croatia is by far better covered by sea anyway. On a cruise. And there are few countries quite as close-knit and scenic when it comes to coastlines in all of Europe/the World.

For those new to Croatia, it is a beautiful European country which lies in the Balkans and shares borders with nations like Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia and maritime borders with Italy. It is a scenic coastal country with the opportunities of a beautiful cruise holiday as Croatians are expert sailors and there are ample cruise holiday companies to go with.

To experience the Mediterranean at its best, one must take a cruise along the dramatic coastline of Croatia, especially with someone like Croatia Cruise, who have a well-equipped fleet of small cruise ships and customized routes. they have a great team of knowledgeable local people who can take you through all the major cities and culture tours in Croatia, mainly covering the following places.


A southern city in Croatia Dubrovnik has the charm of an ancient medieval city which allures even the most uninitiated tourist. The cobbled streets and the walk around the walls are amazing, Minceta tower views, old city, cable car ride for bird’s eye views, Lovrijenac Fortress, Gornji Ugao Tower which offers an interesting look at the history of the city and more points of interest which have been extensively featured in the world-famous show, Game of Thrones in Dubrovnik. Eating and drinking are lavish here and you can find many wine tasting events happening too. Many cruises start from the port of Dubrovnik.

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Another popular town in the country, Zadar lies to the northern portion of the country and is rich in history, culture and also nature. The streets are much quieter than Dubrovnik and the crowds are nearly non-existent so there is a lot of peace. Prices for things are cheaper too, and the remote uninhabited islands are as great as the fishermen eating joints called Konobas. The sunsets are spectacular, the solar-powered dance floor is amusing and unique, the sea organ is a must-experience installation by the sea and Croatia’s best beach Saharun are all there in Zadar, making it a perfect cruising destination.


This is the second-largest city in Croatia and just an overnight stay in a holiday villa will be able to give you enough to stroll the labyrinth of old city streets after sunset. Split has many attractions like Diocletian’s Palace which is a world heritage site, Bell Tower of St. Domnius Cathedral which is the oldest Catholic cathedral in the world, the old town and the Riva Promenade where the Riva is the harbour of Splita and its palm trees and colourful architecture, and views out to the Adriatic Sea, is a popular place for a stroll. This gives rise to Adriatic cruise culture. Check out the best of Split here.

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A historically active tourist town, from where coastal tourism in the land of Croatia began Opatija lies to the southwest of Rijeka. Opatija is the Croatian translation of the word abbey, and the church in question still stands tall in the place. This small town has a Walk of Fame which honours Tennis legend Goran Ivanišević, genius inventor Nikola Tesla, musician Rade Šerbedžija and writer Tin Ujević to name a few. The statue of A Girl with a Seagull is the most iconic of the monuments in the city. You can take selfies with her in the background too. Museum of Croatian Tourism can mesmerize, Hotel Kvarner the first coastal hotel shall host you in Opatija and our bellies will enjoy the magnificent Mediterranean food on offer here.


A lovely city on the Istrian tip of Southern Penninsula, Pula is a popular summer vacation spot also a popular stop for cruises. The Brijuni National Park is one of the main attractions here apart from the old city. This is the Dalmatian Coast! The amazing coastline has a huge variety to offer for the tourist and cruises which take you from one place to another, stopping over for you to explore the coastline and have a fulfilling holiday can be very rejuvenating. You require a cruise provider who understands your likings and can arrange appropriate vessels for your trip. Pick one wisely. Have a fun time enjoying the amazing country of Croatia on a cruise holiday.

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Korcula and Hvar and Brac Islands.

This is the sixth-largest island in Croatia, Korcula is 20 miles long, 5 miles wide on average. This island is known for its dense forest and the ancient Greeks called the island Black Korcula. It is slightly less popular than Hvar, its northern counterpart. Each main town is likely to have some kind of “summer evenings” mini-festival, with assorted events – art exhibitions, folklore evenings, singing, dancing, music, fishermen’s evenings – taking place from about mid-June to September. Brac islands are great for windsurfing and water sports a great choice also for parasailing and Zlatni Rat Beac is a must-do!

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