Meet the 3 BEST destinations in Mexico

Out of the ordinary and far away from Asia, there is a colourful and charismatic country called Mexico. Where hundreds of people arrive daily to spend an incredible vacation, and this is no exception because I will tell you a little more about the culture of this country, depending on the city you visit. What you should do, and what places you must visit when you go to Mexico, no matter what the reason for your trip.

Cabo San Lucas / Los Cabos or San Jose del Cabo

One of the most beautiful cities in Mexico is Cabo San Lucas, a place where I love to show off you can have a truly close encounter with the world’s largest aquatic mammals in 5 different family species such as orcas and dolphins.

The city is also colourful, and you can witness a pleasant atmosphere wherever you go. 

I personally recommend you to visit the hotel zone, the downtown area, and the nearby hills. This city has many attractions and many climate changes per section, so be prepared to go to the beach during the day and cover up a little bit at night.

How to get around Cabo San Lucas

A truly viable option to get to know the sections of this part of Baja California Sur is to get a car Cabo San Lucas service, this will help you move around the city and its surroundings, as well as move faster and enjoy new places.

Playa del Carmen?

Playa del Carmen is considered the youngest city in the growing Riviera Maya, where you will surely want to visit one of its main attractions, Fifth Avenue. Where you can meet and visit world-class restaurants as well as local taquerias (highly recommended).  One of the most important activities in Playa del Carmen is the visit to the beach clubs, the most famous one, Mamita’s beach club.

Another place you should visit if you go to Playa del Carmen is the 3D Museum of Wonders.

How to get around Playa del Carmen?

Moving around in Playa del Carmen is really easy, you can Rent a Car in Cancun quickly from the airport. And drive to playa del carmen safely.


Oaxaca is one of the most cultural places you can find in Mexico and where you can learn more about the history that preceded the inhabitants of this site.

While you are in “Oaxacan” lands, you can buy a lot of souvenirs in the different natural attractions of the city, because if something characterizes Oaxaca is its natural wealth, in this site you will find many activities to do. Visit Monte Alban, Ethnobotanical Garden, Santo Domingo Church, Benito Juarez National Park, the petrified waterfalls, thermal waters in boiling water, and why not, climb the hill fort to have a panoramic view of Oaxaca.

How to get around in Oaxaca?

You won’t need anything more than a car rental service to move around the city in a secure way because to get everywhere you need a car, except for the beaches, where you can get a public or private transport service, either of which is an excellent idea.

Puerto Vallarta

This city is not very young. However, it has attracted the attention of many people who have dedicated themselves to enjoying life in paradisiacal places. Some actors, film directors, musicians, and famous artists have visited this wonderful place too, to enjoy an unparalleled vacation. Because Puerto Vallarta has AMAZING locations, among which you will love to know Playa del Muerto, where you will find bars, nightclubs, hotels, and attractions nearby.

How to get around Puerto Vallarta?

To move around Puerto Vallarta, you need to get a car rental Puerto Vallarta service, this way you won’t have any trouble moving around this little town.

I assure you that after reading this post, you’ll want to know Mexico as a whole because it’s a beautiful country, of which I’ve only told you about three incredible places and there are 29 more to go!

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