Throwing Fun Snaps from Skyscrapers

To celebrate winning Wanderlust’s Blog of the Week, myself and Fanfan spoil ourselves with treats. Fanfan chooses wine and romance at Wine Connection (K-Village) while I choose a box of Pop Pop Fun Snaps. Not a great combination.

Pop Pop

Two hours of romance is hard with a box of fun snaps set in front of you. For two hours I was itching to go mental on the restaurant forecourt with my 50 pack of fun snaps. While we sup our wine decanter conversations centre around the box of fun snaps.

“You know in Thailand fun snaps are called Kratiem?” Kratiem translates as Garlic in English. Looking closely it is obvious to see why. They do look like tiny heads of garlic.

As the conversation continues it becomes obvious Fanfan is more excited than I am. We finish quick and into a taxi “Quick quick driver I want to throw kratiem at my cat.”


We throw kratiem at the cat. We throw kratiem at the Guinea Pig. Both unamused. We leave the condo again and go search for new challenges. We throw one in the condo lift. It’s really loud. 

The only safety guidance on the box reads ‘do not put in mouth.’ So this means we can throw at each other? Fanfan tests this. One hits my arm – pop, barely noticed it. One hits my face – pop, nothing.

Reassured of their safety we go to the roof and throw at passers-by. From 19 floors up this is a challenge. Probably didn’t hit anyone but was fun trying. All this fun for 20 baht. Bargain.

For anyone visiting Bangkok throwing fun snaps from skyscrapers is a must.

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