Wine Connection in Sukhumvit

Of Bangkok restaurants Wine Connection is by far our most visited and in many ways it has ruined dining out for us in Bangkok where we leave most restaurants comparing… “that would have been half the price at Wine Connection” And of course this is why we love them. Wine Connection has everything we could ask for at unbeatable prices. The original concept of Wine Connection restaurants was to join to their already existing wine shops and to serve wine to the table at retail prices; a concept which they continue to follow. At each location they also offer an impressive food menu (similar in all) with European favourites such as fish and chips, pizza and pastas, paella and the list goes on. Then comes their unique selection of imported beers and the night goes on. While the three locations of Wine Connection in Sukhumvit are similar they do have their differences with individual niches and followers. I hope to highlight these below starting with our most visited to least. All open early to late.

Outdoor Seating at K Village, Wine Connection in Sukhumvit, Bangkok, ThailandDeli Counter at K-Village Shop, Wine Connection in Sukhumvit, Bangkok, ThailandSpecialty Draught Beers, Wine Connection in Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand

Wine Connection Deli and Bistro (K-Village, Sukhumvit 26)

K-Village is the original Wine Connection in Sukhumvit found at an open-air mall near the far end of Sukhumvit 26. It is also our first choice of venues which proves equally true with a youthful and smart, white collar crowd. Despite it’s expansive size and inside and outside seating K-Village will likely fill up quick each and every night. For me the Deli is no doubt the highlight with an impressive selection of hard to find cheeses, cold cuts, antipasti and ranging platters. The wines also start low at 500 Baht per bottle and while cheaper can be found in the adjoining store they will also be charged at the same starting price (best to order 500 Baht up).

Olives and Cheese Platter, Wine Connection in Sukhumvit, Bangkok, ThailandAustralian Beef Tenderloin, Wine Connection in Sukhumvit, Bangkok, ThailandRibeye Steak at K-Village, Wine Connection in Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand

Wine Connection Tapas Bar & Bistro (Rainhill, Sukhumvit 47)

Rainhill is the louder Wine Connection in Sukhumvit and can be easily found at an open-air mall on the main Sukhumvit Road at the corner of Sukhumivt 47. This venue attracts a more mid-so cool crowd and is often pushed more as a nightlife venue in contrast to the other Wine Connection locations. The Rainhill branch also skips on the Deli menu in favour of a Tapas list (daily from 17.00pm) and the wine list starts higher from 700 Baht. A further option at Rainhill is the classic cocktail menu made available at their bar. One of Rainhill’s more popular events is the ‘Wine Free Flow’ happening every Wednesday (17.30 – 20.30) with free flow wine and all you can eat bites for 299+ Baht per person (currently cancelled for renovations). If looking for a quiet night I would give the Wednesday Free Flow a miss as, while the restaurant separates from the bar, the volume does not and the crowds often spill out across the entire Rainhill mall.

Grilled Pork Chops at Rainhill, Wine Connection in Sukhumvit, Bangkok, ThailandCrowded Bar at Rainhill, Wine Connection in Sukhumvit, Bangkok, ThailandRainhill Free Flow Wednesday, Wine Connection in Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand

Wine Connection Deli (Mille Malle, Sukhumvit 20)

Not so different to the K-Village venue only half the size and a lot quieter. This lesser known Wine Connection is located in a smaller, quieter community mall on the quiet end of Sukhumvit 20. Again similar to K-Village the menu offers the same selection of deli platters and bistro food but there is also a higher chance of being out of stock (or at least we found this). While it is our least visited Wine Connection it is also the venue we use to escape busy traffic and bustle which surrounds the others. Wines start 500 Baht a bottle but no draught beer selection.

Serrano Ham Pizza at Mille Malle, Wine Connection in Sukhumvit, Bangkok, ThailandBangers and Mash at Mille Malle, Wine Connection in Sukhumvit, Bangkok, ThailandKalamata Olives at Mille Malle, Wine Connection in Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand

8 thoughts on “Wine Connection in Sukhumvit”

  1. You’ve had much better luck than me at this place mate. Usually find the food is quite shite except for a few dishes. I hope this is a sign it’s improving. Will probably still be a while before I give it another go. How do you think it compares to the other wine bars around?

    1. I think with Wine connection you get what you pay for, but what you pay for you can’t get anywhere else. An imported rib-eye and bottle of wine coming in at under 1000 Baht. But I’m mostly there for the deli, kalamata olives, sunblushed tomatoes etc. with wine which is why I go to the Sukhumvit 26 branch before the rest. Before Wine Connection I would probably go to Opus or Bella Napoli in this area, maybe Basilico, but since Wine Connection I’ve not really been back to any. I think this is more to do with selection than anything, and the only place with a similar sized menu would be ‘Wine I Love’ which in my opinion doesn’t come close in quality (and can be irritating in atmosphere). Wines are also great, just bought a bunch of bold red from Jump Yards 349 Baht each, which put Mont Clair and Peter Vella to shame 😉 Oh and the draft beers. I think what Wine Connection does is makes previously exclusive products more accessible to the white collar, and scrubs away the somewhat pretentious stigma attached.

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