The Rules of the Road Trip

In theory, organising a road trip seems fairly simple, you just grab your bags, throw them into a car, and depart for the road trip destinations of your choosing. Just press the accelerator, and away you go on the open road, in an ode to freedom and adventure. This, of course, is the best-case scenario, but, of course, there is more to making the most of a road trip, there are dos and don’ts, and if you follow these simple rules for a road trip it is no doubt for the best. Whether it’s for life-long dream destinations, like the legendary Route 66 across the United States or crossing The Blues Highway, these basic rules will remain the same. So ready? Press the accelerator to get started!

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Choose your people wisely

It is important to choose your travel buddies carefully on a road trip, as they’ll likely be with you from start to finish, and they have the potential to both compliments the journey or completely or derail it. Do you have the same interests and ideas? What does everyone expect to get out of it. So choose wisely, aiming for friends that fit your needs and those that you could happily sit staring at a blank wall while doing pretty much nothing. As there may be a bit of repetitivity and potential boredom between destinations.

Check the weather conditions

A bit of a no-brainer but it is always best to check weather conditions in advance, and where possible, adapt travel plans to suit the meteorological forecasts and the journey ahead. Also, don’t forget to pack suitable clothes for all weather conditions into your suitcase, for example starting out in summer clothes but at the final destination, it may be snowing. Shorts and t-shirts don’t really suffice in freezing weather conditions. So track the weather conditions at each destination on the itinerary and fill the suitcases with appropriate clothes to the weather conditions ahead.

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Take a map with you

Younger generations often wonder how we travelled without GPS, or Google Maps, and other Navigation Systems. Traditionally travellers used conventional maps, instructions on road signs, and, when lost, the help of friendly passers-by. While this may sound outdated nowadays, it is still important to carry a map of destinations you will be travelling to as a backup. For example, mobile phones and GPS systems may run out of battery or have no signal. These things don’t just happen in movies with a predictable script, they also occur in real life, and we’ve been caught out a bunch of times. For example, travelling on a rural dirt road during our New York road trip when the gps and cellphone signal died and we had no option but to call at garages and shops to ask for guidance! Even if it is printouts from Google Maps, it is best to take some kind of map of the area you are exploring.

Abide by the Speed limits

In most countries, the policing of speed limits, and speed offenders, is strict and fines can also be hefty. For example, in parts of the USA, you cannot go even a mile over the speed limit without running the risk of fines, even if you have an entire road to yourself for miles ahead. While in European capitals as well, the cameras record and send tickets to your home country, even for minimal excesses. So do pay attention to the speed limits and the local signage, which may differ from what you’re used to when back home.

Source a suitable Car

On an American road, with vast highways and huge distances, your vehicle will be the most crucial component of your trip. That is why you should base your choice on the right car and its maintenance. If you own a vehicle, you should check your vehicle’s oils, liquids, tires, and other necessary bits and pieces, to ensure a safe and comfortable journey. On the other hand, if you do not own a vehicle and go for the solution of renting a car, make sure it is from a reliable and safe company like Enjoy Travel, which has service points around the country to help facilitate your journey.

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