Suphanburi: The City of Gold (Central Thailand)

Not being tourist-focused is not always a bad thing. Suphanburi Tourism is the perfect example of this. It isn’t much touristy in town but there is enough to keep you excited. This makes for the perfect escape from backpackers and tourist tracks.

Suphanburi: Happy Town

Suphanburi is the hometown to my long-time friend and p’sao (Thai big sister) – Fern. This is how I first came to Suphanburi when invited to meet her family. Fern is an enthusiastic ambassador of “Happy Town” and its small-town sentiment. She constantly promotes Suphanburi tourism. Suphanburi is her much-loved sanctuary from the daily grind of Bangkok City. She is proud of her town and rightly so. Suphanburi is affluent, clean and seemingly crime/sleaze free. Overall it’s a really nice place to be.

The Banharn-Jamsai Tower in Suphanburi

The tower offers perfect panoramic views of Suphanburi and is central to Suphanburi Tourism. Banharn Tower is named after the billionaire Governor who built it – Banharn Silpa-Archa a former Thai Prime Minister. Located at Chaloem Phatthara Rachini Park the tower can be seen from anywhere in the city.

Dragon Descendants Museum in Suphanburi

The dragon descendants museum was built at the City Pillar Shrine (Chao Pho Lak Muang) with the intention of boosting Suphanburi Tourism. The area is now better known for the giant Dragon Temple and complex of Chinese Temples. This is another of Governor Banharn’s projects. The name “Dragon Descendants” can be misleading. The Dragon symbolizes China and the museum showcases Chinese history and culture through the dynasties and most importantly the integration and relevance of Thai-Chinese in today’s Thailand.

Night Markets

The streets surrounding the central Banharn Tower come to life with night hawkers and street food stands. Great food at tiny prices.

Morning Fresh Markets 

The morning brings fresh markets to central Suphanburi and to the banks of the Tha Chin River. Monks circle the streets with alms bowls and hawker food vendors pop up on street corners.

Travel From Bangkok to Suphanburi?

Minibus: Minivans Leave Bangkok’s Victory Monument Terminals from 7:00AM onwards and the Journey takes roughly 2 hours. Tickets cost around 120 Baht.

Bus: Buses leave Bangkok’s Mo Chit Terminal regularly throughout the day.

Getting Around in Suphanburi?

If you have time to learn the Songtaew route this will be the cheapest option. Otherwise, tuk-tuks and motorbike taxis are the handiest mode of transport and still relatively cheap. Then there is the Grab rideshare App. Suphanburi is small so trips around the central areas rarely go higher than 40 baht. If outside the central area e.g. Dragon Temple, it will be around double this.

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  1. Poh Ling Chong

    Hi Allan, I’m glad to stumble across your blog because I’m interested to visit Suphan Buri this coming May. For vans from Victoria Monument to Suphan Buri, must we pre-book the van ticket beforehand or can we just turn up on the day we want to go and hope to get lucky?

    I’m interested to go to Sam Chuk 100 year old market. Now, upon reaching Suphan Buri, how do we get to this market? After visiting the market, how do we get back to Suphan Buri?

    How about coming back to Bangkok? How and where do we board the van from? Specific place in Suphan Buri? Again, do we need to pre-book the van ticket for returning to Bangkok?

    Thanks, hope you can provide the answers. Cheers.

    1. LiveLessOrdinary

      No need to pre-book minivans. Turn up at Victory Monument and buses leave at irregular periods throughout the day. Once a bus is full it leaves. To Suphan Buri it is generally intervals of 35 to 40 minutes with bus departures.
      I am not certain of travel to Sam Chuk. It should be easy to organise on arrival at the Suphan Buri bus station. (I know there are direct buses to Sam Chuk from Bangkok, Khaosarn Road area, but this will likely complicate things).
      I think if you have time in Suphan Buri it will be no problem to organise Sam Chuk market while there. Can do this at the hotel or call in to the bus station. Minivans arrive just outside the Terminal.
      Hope this helps. A

      1. Poh Ling Chong

        Allan, thanks so much for your reply. Sure, this will help in planning for our Suphan Buri holidays. Cheers!

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