Sukishi Korean Barbecues in Bangkok

The reason I cannot leave Bangkok is because of food and while this is true it doesn’t necessarily mean Thai food. What really keeps me here is the availability, diversity and affordability of all food and one of my favourite examples would be the Japanese (Yakiniku) and Korean barbecues; whereas in Bangkok they are a whole lot cheaper than in their origins. Having not been to either Japan or Korea, the closest being Korea Town in Bangkok, so I have no fair basis for comparison of authenticity, but what I can say is in Bangkok both these foods are good and together they are hard to beat. This is why ‘Sukishi Korean Barbecue and Japanese Restaurant’ often tops my favourite mall food with a menu celebrating the best of both menus. Sukishi Korean Grill is one of many examples of barbecues in Bangkok but it is also one of the easier to find with outlets throughout Bangkok and Thailand.

The Korean Barbecue

Korean barbecues are hands-on eating; each table with a built-in charcoal grill and necessary utensils to work the grill. The customer is then left to cook their own meats using tongs to flip and scissors to chop. Meats generally come as selected sets with marinated meats, veg and mushrooms. The big favourite at Sukishi Korean Grill (and most Korean restaurants) is bulgogi a marinated pork synonymous with Korean barbecues. Barbecues are served with a top-notch chilli dip on the side (Korean ssamjang) with optional additions of garlic, chilli and lime for them added hot and sour flavours.

Japanese Sushi Sets

The sushi menu at Sukishi looks endless with all sorts of bright and beautiful Japanese sushi and sashimi sets. I plan to explore further but to date we rarely reach past the Rainbow Beauty Roll set (as below) with mixed maki rolls wrapped in fresh pieces of Pla O, Salmon, Avocado and Shrimp. While Sukishi is not primarily Japanese food it is one of the restaurants which fueled my obsession for sushi.

Banchan Sides and Desserts

Set menus all come with sides or as they are known in Korea ‘banchan’ the two popular at the table including a cabbage kimchi and a Japanese Miso Soup. Again the menu is seemingly endless so there is plenty to explore including a sweet and dessert menu and a booze including Japanese Sake and Korean Soju.

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  1. Cant agree even more, I love the food quality that I can get in Bangkok! and despite the dish cant beat the original makers (I been to both Tokyo and Seul) this is still very good and afforable!

    1. Good to know. We have both Tokyo and Seoul coming up on the to-do list and was worried of an anti-climax if the food’s not much better 😉 But of course I didn’t expect it to be. Easily in my favourite foods.

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