Our First Year of Marriage

If ‘the first year of marriage is always the hardest’ then I can say our marriage is definite for the long run. Since our wedding in April last year we have enjoyed a yearlong honeymoon, or at least that’s how it has felt. After travels in Europe, our engagement in the Wicklow Mountains, and our wedding in Ubud, Bali we have kept the excitement and adventure alive by travelling and enjoying life to the best that we can and afford. While I won’t pretend married life has been perfect all days, everyday I can say it’s not far from it. Today now marks our one year anniversary, April 25th, and in this moment of time we will be hiding at a luxury pool villa on a small island in the Andaman Sea (note this post is scheduled). Our hope now is that every year will be as perfect as the first and thank you to all who have supported and been with us in anyway during the past year.

PS I Love You Engaged in Wicklow, First Year of Marriage in Bangkok Our Perfect Wedding in Ubud Bali Indonesia. First Year of Marriage in Bangkok

A Happy Circle of Three

Myself, Fanfan and Moo Ping (our cat). In our first year of marriage we’ve barely been apart and to be honest this was not so different to us before marriage. It was the reason why we were married to begin with. We spend every day together, morning through to night, have littlest interest in socialising and while this may sound unbearable to some it is perfect for us. We spend 95% of each day within meters of each other, everyday. The only time we split is when I run to the shops, picking up food or during my occasional solo travels to countries which Fanfan is less excited about. While somewhat cut off from the real world we do still live a relatively normal life together; regularly eating out, days at the cinema, travelling the world and even the occasional boozy night at nightclubs always just the two of us.

 Life with Our Cute Persian Cat,  First Year of Marriage in Bangkok Romance on Koh Kood Island, First Year of Marriage in Bangkok

The End of My Solo Travels?

So this week I returned from the Myanmar Thingyan festival and with me I bring some bitter sweet realities. The reason I first came to Asia and the reason why I now live the life I love is because of my passion for solo travel. For 10 plus years I lived this life and it is now a life I will likely leave behind. I no longer want to travel alone. In honesty I first noticed these feelings last July when travelling to Savannakhet, Laos, sitting on a beat up bus, no seat belt and questioning, even fearing my reasons for travel. This was not for the lack of comfort or a fear of the unknown but of the knowledge of my responsibilities I was leaving behind. The only responsibilities I’ve ever cared about. I’m not saying there is risk in travel I am just saying why spend time away from my family when that’s where I want to be. So from now on my solo travels will be limited, if any, and this was reflected this year.

Wine and Baguette in Laos, First Year of Marriage in Bangkok Thingyan Water Festival in Yangon, First Year of Marriage in Bangkok

Travelling as a Couple

Only twice this year have we been apart; the first on my travels to Laos and the second last week to Myanmar. All other travels have been together and without a doubt the travels together have been the more memorable. Adventures in the Himalayas, winter in China and our overland journey from Singapore to Bangkok among the better. While it may seem we can’t live without one another this is only because we chose not to. In honesty we could both find great lives away from each other. I don’t feel either of us are dependent on our relationship and the reason we do everything together is because we love being together. Now life feels perfect and no doubt there will be more couples travels to come.

Tsongmo Lake, Sikkim Himalayas, First Year of Marriage in Bangkok Beihai Park in Beijing, First Year of Marriage in Bangkok

5 thoughts on “Our First Year of Marriage”

  1. beautiful couple you are! and nice travel website! I’ll be making my some of my solo travel plans from your posts.

  2. I just come back from my solo travel 🙂 it’s so nice and excited! I went to Viet Nam, I like Bun, Pho Ga. lol. I get lost in Old Quarter while finding to buy Weasel coffee for my parents and friends. lol. Finnally I found and bought 1kg at Huong Mai coffee after smelling and trying it. I like it most!!!

    1. Thanks Julia. I’ll check it out next time in Hanoi. I always preferred the weasel coffees over the Indonesian kopi-luwak, mostly because it is less cruel 🙂

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