A Hellish Day at Sampeng Market

Unfortunately Bangkok is an amazing city for shopping. An absolute curse for people who detest shopping (like me). If I need something other than groceries I order online. Unfortunately this doesn’t cut it with a girlfriend. Today was just one of them hellish days. Five hours at Sampeng Market and the back alleys of Bangkok’s Phahurat Little India area. Straggling behind the girls, squashed in cramped aisles, being ignored, apologising for getting in people’s way, sweating. The best way to deal with these situations is to switch off your brain or at least try to. Do not think of the one million and one things better or more productive to do with your time. On the rare occasion, you are noticed struggle to look enthused. Mask yawns, stand up straight, force life back into lifeless eyes. But after two hours of mind-numbing horribleness, these positive emotions are hard to grasp. “Stop Looking Bored!” The only incentive for living is the promise of evening beers but by the time evening arrives your brain has endured such negative strain a beer will only push you into depression. Days like this make me desperate for a nine to five job.

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What is Sampeng Market?

I don’t see any reason for a guy to be here. Ever. The most excitement I could muster was for stuffed toys and anime models at Sampeng Market. Otherwise the area is all about textiles, gift shops, jewellery and accessories. Arts and Crafts. More materials to make clothes than actual clothes. More clothes for furbys than actual clothes. The times we have visited Sampeng Market has always been for gifts and party accessories, Halloween, fake flowers, balloons. Sampeng Market is a long way from central Bangkok areas which makes the experience even worse (Getting to Sampeng Market Here). For cheap clothes shopping I would give Sampeng Market a miss and go direct to the air-conditioned wholesale shopping malls in Bangkok’s popular Pratunam market area (Platinum Mall).

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