Ketchup, Oregano and Chili Flakes

Something many Bangkokians will be familiar with. Opening my kitchen drawers you will find piles high of ketchup, oregano and chilli flake packets. In the cupboards below you will find bags full. These are the three condiments which accompany every Bangkok Pizza Delivery order. For years they have accumulated in anticipation of a ketchup emergency which never comes. When the ketchup bottle empties I walk next door to the 7/11. Nonetheless I hoard bags of ketchup, chili and oregano refusing to waste them (would it be weird to give them to charity?) I am not even a big fan of Bangkok Pizza Delivery. The condiments gather  from random get-togethers at my condo. A norm in Bangkok. Someone flicks through back pages of True Vision magazine. Thirty minutes later pizza at the door.

Dominos Bangkok Pizza Delivery

Pizza Hut has been trading in Bangkok for as long as I can remember. In the back of my mind I assumed Dominos had being doing the same. Thinking in some way Dominos Pizza was related to the Bangkok pizza delivery giant ‘Pizza Company’. Thinking possibly Dominos translated as **** in Thai, forcing a rebrand and name change for trading. But no Pizza Company are home grown in Thailand. It was strange to not have Dominos in Bangkok. All other franchises have littered the streets. Anyway Dominos has now arrived as of December 2012 and are guaranteed to take a tasty chunk of the competition. They have already won over Fanfan with their thin crust meatzza and delicious garlic breads.

Online Ordering for Bangkok Pizza Delivery

For ordering pizza online from any of the above Bangkok Pizza Delivery services check their websites; PIZZA HUTPIZZA COMPANYDOMINOS. I personally would skip them all and go with my favourite SCOOZI PIZZA. Scoozi deliver authentic wood-fired napoletana pizza and covers all central Bangkok. Well worth the extra Baht. Try their Salmon Carbonara.

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