Bangkok Nostalgia: The Original Rot Fai Retro Market

Now closed. Like car boot sales back home only the cars are cool and the junk is interesting. Rot Fai market brings a maze of retro with an Asian twist on nostalgia. Familiar but unfamiliar. Thai advertising art, Asian games and toys, vintage weird stuff. It brings a glimpse of Thai yesteryear of periods which I could no way have witnessed. Independent stalls sell authentic Thai trinkets and bric-a-brac which make for a cool alternative to the mass-produced tourist junk sold elsewhere in Bangkok. The Rot Fai retro market ended in 2013 and was never really replaced.

Hipster Scene

I dislike shopping but love Rot Fai Market. Popular with a young and hip Thai subculture it makes for a cool place to just hang out in Bangkok. Rot Fai Market is a perfect nightlife option with weekend opening hours (5pm to 1am) and cheap beer and cocktail bars dotted through the central market. Unfortunately, the market is only open on the weekend – Saturday and Sunday. Rot Fai Market is said to be small in comparison to the nearby JJ Market. Note JJ market is huge and Rot Fai Market is not much different to a small village. Surrounding the central market area are indoor shops, small art exhibits, cafes, bars, restaurants and live bands. The area is like a trendy retro village.

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