Cycling in Benjakiti Park

My New Year’s Resolution is ‘to maybe do a bit more exercise’ so finding the gym monotonous I look for an exciting alternative nearby. Cycling in Benjakiti Park. Benjakiti is a central Bangkok Park near Asoke with cheap bike rental (40 Baht/Hour). The park is a short walk from the Bangkok subway (Queen Sirikit MRT Station) and the bike rental kiosk is not far from the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC). If you can’t easily locate it look for the big plastic swans. For more info on finding Benjakiti Park check here.

The 2km Cycle Path

The park is a bit big for a quick stroll. For walking, I generally opt for the other nearby park with a similar name Benjasiri Park (confusing). However, Benjakiti park is just the right size for cycling with a 2km cycle path which circles the central ‘Lake Rajada’. The cycling and walking paths are both separate.

Poking Around

An oasis of calm and serenity in the centre of Bangkok’s hectic Sukhumvit area. During the day, even at weekends, the park is empty. The only time I’ve seen the park bustling was for celebrations of the King’s Birthday. If uninterested in cycling in Benjakiti Park it is still good to potter around to see what you can find. Exercise areas, children’s play parks, Buddhist meditation, unique sculptures and trees donated from all over the world.

Benjakiti Plaza Area

Benjakiti Plaza is found in the far corner of Benjakiti Park furthest from both Queen Sirikit Convention Centre and the main Road. Here you will find an amphitheatre, a small skate park with a mini-ramp and grind rail and other activities going on.

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  1. Nice article. Have you tried the stretch from Lumpini Park to this park yet? Elevated paths etc etc. Pretty cool!

  2. Yes, as Ray points out you can connect Benjakiti Park with Lumpini Park now via “The Green Mile”. Enjoyable stroll or cycle, but not much shade.

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