Romantic Escapes in Koh Chang (Thailand)

My first ever visit to Koh Chang was back in 2004, when KC Resort was merely 150 Baht beach bungalows, and White Sands beach was still relatively undeveloped. But these days are no more as the main beach stretches of White Sands, Kai Bae and Lonely Beach, are now cluttered, touristy and over-priced. So we therefore prefer the lesser known parts of the island, and, while there is an entire east side of the island to explore, the west coast is a lot easier to access. So Koh Chang would be our quick romantic getaway island, as it is accessible for a short weekend and is easy to access from Bangkok, and central Thailand. On our most recent visit we drove to the pier and arrived to our hotel before check-in. Anyway, we have put together a small handful of five of the best romantic resorts in Koh Chang and Trat, including the seclusion of surrounding islands, and even the mainland. Note, we as always book through Agoda, highlighting the ‘Honeymoon’ option, despite being married four years. And we do find occasional upgrades and better room options. Otherwise our five Best Romantic Resorts in Koh Chang are around the mid-range mark (2,000 – 4,000 Baht per night).

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1. AANA Resort (Klong Prao, Koh Chang)

We actually near cancelled our stay at AANA Resort following two weeks of emails to the resort with absoultely no reply. Which seems a common theme in the area. Communication with every hotel on this list was next to none and I was driving by basic car so I really needed to know if the resorts are accessible. Fortunately up until Klong Prao it is an easy enough drive, although things get a bit sketchy onwards. Anyway, it was accessible in the end and I guess are stay was worth the worry. Not only did we have a slick suite with private plunge pool overlooking the passing river forests and nearby beach. But what really made this stay was the free shuttle service to the nearby, private beach, and a night-time fire fly tour where the mangroves are lit up on the nearby river route. The hotel restaurant also sits on a wooden veranda along the riverbanks and the overall experience was just hard to beat. Full Details on AANA Resort here.

Plunge Pool Villa, Best Romantic Resorts in Koh Chang Islands AANA Pool Villa, Best Romantic Resorts in Koh Chang Islands Best Romantic Resorts in Koh Chang Islands

2. Mercure Hideaway (Bai Lan Bay, Koh Chang)

Passing the tourist beaches we arrive to Mercure Hideaway, which is a short distance from the backpacker hub of Lonely beach and it’s a bit further to Bang Bao Pier. Mercure Hideaway proved to be a gem of a resort located at Bai Lan Bay where a thin stretch of sand hides beneath rocks, cliff faces and a backdrop of palm hills. The front at Bai Lan Bay is a private beach only accessible to Mercure Hideaway and a handful of others. While we originally planned ‘island activities’ during our stay, we failed to leave the resort, seduced by views from private beachfront jacuzzis and happy hour cocktails. We concede “We’ve both seen Koh Chang before, let’s make the most of the luxury.” Full Details on Mercure Hideaway here.

Luxury at Mercure Hideaway Resort, Top Koh Chang Hideaways, Romantic Resorts, ThailandBai Lan Bay Beach, Best Romantic Resorts in Koh Chang Islands Trat Jacuzzi Tubs at Mercure, Best Romantic Resorts in Koh Chang Islands Trat

3. Captain Hook Resort, Koh Kood

At Captain Hook Resort we find our own slice of paradise relaxing at our villa front cabana overlooking soft white sands and warm turquoise waters. Scenes rarely come as serene. While pulling myself from the views was hard, there was just too much to experience at the resort. A quick paddle (or kayak) finds the pristine Ao Yaikee Cliff Beach which is almost untouched bar the occasional resident of Captain Hook Resort. Coral fish dart below the wooden stilts which holds the resort to the island’s edge. We kayak through the surrounding palms, trees and mangroves. Captain Hook Resort is private, secluded and the only access is by boat. Note even electricity is scarce. Koh Kood is known for its high prices and now, having been, I can see why. With high prices we only visit two resorts on Koh Kood and Captain Hook Resort was by far the better. And while accommodation was simple the surroundings were breathtaking. Full Details on Captain Hook Resort Here.

Cabana Views at Captain Hook Resort, Top Koh Chang Hideaways, Romantic Resorts, Thailand Private Villas at Captain Hook, Best Romantic Resorts in Koh Chang Islands Trat Seafood on Koh Kood, Best Romantic Resorts in Koh Chang Islands Trat

4. Seavana Beach Resort, Koh Mak

Luxury seaview bungalows, 1km private stretch at Suan Yai Beach and tropical island surroundings. You’ll find few reasons to get out of bed at Seavana Beach Resort where panoramic vistas are found at each one of their beach front bungalows (maybe the jacuzzi balcony room would tempt me). Unlike the previous, the views from Seavana are more layered with Koh Kham situated directly opposite, then further, filling out the horizon is Koh Chang. Arguably better views as the sun sets and scattered lights appear in the distance. Koh Mak is the smallest of the island trilogy and it often goes unnoticed with tourism. This makes it perfect for the hideaway experience. If you do feel antsy a 1km Kayak journey explores Koh Kham opposite. Koh Mak is located between the two other Koh Chang Hideaways at Ko Chang and Koh Kood.. Full Details on Seavana Beach Resort.

Seavana Koh Maak Resort, Top Koh Chang Hideaways, Romantic Resorts, Thailand Relaxing in Hammocks, Top Koh Chang Hideaways, Romantic Resorts, Thailand Seavana Infinity Pool, Best Romantic Resorts in Koh Chang Islands Trat

5. Centara Chaan Talay (Trat)

This was more of an outside option for those not fussed for the crossing to the island (although the drive to reach the southern coastal area of Trat will likely take the same amount of time, it’s pretty much on the borders of Cambodia). But we honestly didn’t notice much difference in atmosphere when comparing the area’s beach life, to island life, other than the obvious backpacker scenes which can be hard to avoid on the islands. We may have preferred it. The area is also very remote, so it is ideal for a romantic resort to escape to, yet it’s still relatively cheap due to its far flung location. Therefore, for this occasion, we booked a stay in the Honeymoon Suite of Centara Chaan Talay with a private veranda, sunbeds and most importantly, a Jacuzzi. Surrounding each veranda as well are tall walls, to ward off prying eyes from neighbouring bungalows, and they back onto mangrove forests, so we feel like we’re smack in the centre of nature. It was no doubt a unique experience, and the beach front of the resort was pretty much empty the entire time we were there.  Full Details on Centara Chaan Talay.

Jacuzzi Balcony, Best Romantic Resorts in Koh Chang Islands Best Romantic Resorts in Koh Chang Islands Centara Chaan Talay, Best Romantic Resorts in Koh Chang Islands

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