Rehabs in Thailand. Reviews and Costs

Going to Rehab in Thailand has become increasingly popular recently. The convenience of Visa-on-arrival, the service minded people and the warm weather has contributed to Thailand’s health tourism industry. Many clients complete rehab and then embark on a new life, either travelling in Asia or teaching English. Below is a list of the established services offering Addiction treatment to foreigners looking for an enhanced experience at a lower cost than they would find in the west.

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Hope Rehab Center Thailand $7500

The most popular rehab in Thailand, also one of the only licensed rehabs. Popularized by some of the world’s most famous addicts having been there. Hope’s reputation for cost-to-value ratio is also unmatched. Hope Rehab was founded in 2013 by a UK addictions expert, Simon Mott and has been a runaway success. He says he wanted to create the perfect Rehab, in the best place at the most affordable price.

According to Google and Facebook reviews, Hope Rehab is by far the best choice. Most clients seem to stay for at two or three months, I guess the price makes this possible. The Program is described as eclectic and holistic, combining CBT psychology, Therapy and mindfulness approaches to addiction treatment. There is also Thai-massage and Muay Thai kickboxing training. The team is as large as the client group, all passionate about what they do.

Spaciously Hope is the largest facility in Thailand, with beautiful walled grounds, 15 buildings but only 22 beds. They also have a secondary-stage building in town and the DC3 passenger plane onsite has been converted into the secondary-stage clubhouse. The Center is located on the coast outside Bangkok, about an hour from the airport. Hope Rehab staff pick up clients at the arrivals hall of Bangkok’s international airport (BKK) to safely escort them into treatment.

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Lanna Rehab $10,000

Established in 2016 Lanna is smart mid-sized facility near Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. Chiang Mai more recently know as a creative city, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand now for its rain forest and nature. Chiang Mai is reached via an internal flight from either of the Bangkok airports. Lanna has a luxurious environment, with a holistic healing of body, mind and spirit, program unlike western clinical addiction treatment programs.

Lanna has an experienced alcohol and drug treatment team and the program includes one-on-one and group sessions using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Psycho-Educational Training, 12-Step and Mindfulness Training, dual diagnosis therapy, and an intervention program developed to help get addicts into treatment. Lanna Rehab also offers physical training and other outdoor activities.

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Serenity in Chiang Rai $6000

Serenity relocated from Ko samui in 2016, now located in Thailand’s most northern province, Chiang Rai. Serenity is the small rehab with 10 rooms that can be shared and is one of the cheapest Rehabs in Thailand. They offer short and long stay programs, using 12 steps and CBT, mindfulness. If you are looking for low cost and a small facility than Serenity may suit your needs. Chiang Rai province is often over looked by tourists however has a relaxed atmosphere, mountains and interesting local food.

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The Cabin Group/The Edge $14,000

Cabin is a 76 bed resort-style centre on the outskirts of Chaing Mai, Northern Thailand, reached by a domestic flights or Bus/Train. Guests stay in single cabins that are located on separate resorts around the local area, and bussed into the main centre for treatment. They specialize in treating middle eastern and Islamic clients. The Cabin have a Trauma program using TRE, they also offer detox, and relapse prevention. The Cabin uses non-religious version of the AA twelve Steps, some addicts and alcoholics are put off by the word God or spirituality.

The program is combined with CBT and other unconventional therapies that they call Recovery Zones. The Cabin has a full-time Thai psychiatrist on staff to treat Mental health disorders. They also treat other addictions like sex, food, and gambling. They call themselves the ‘the Betty Ford of Asia’. They are currently building a purpose designed 120 bed facility outside Chiang Mai.

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DARA Alcohol Rehab Koh Chang island $10,000

Dara is located on Koh Chang, about 4 hours drive from BKK. You will be picked up by a local driver and taken to the Island or a Hospital for assessment and detox. The team are mostly Asian counsellors and offer CBT, personal training and Thai massage.

The aftercare program at DARA offers online support, as well as a 5 day annual tune up to re-address the tools of recovery. Guests stay in luxury villas and can share rooms, prices depend on which room you take. The facility is a luxury resort style retreat of 40 rooms. Koh Chang or Elephant Island is so named because of its elephant shape. Ko Chang is Thailand’s 2nd biggest island located near to the Cambodian border. Dara have a 7 day first steps program on special offer.

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  1. Hi. There is another excellent facility not listed called The River in Chiang Mai which was started by the founders of The Cabin when it became too big. As a recent client, I was very impressed by all aspects of treatment and the majority of staff are also in recovery. Great food and flexible schedule were an added bonus.

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