Reasons to Choose Thailand for Addiction Treatment

The option of travelling to the other side of the world for addiction treatment has now become a possibility for an increasing number of people in need of such help. This is due to cheap airfares, easy access to information treatment alternatives via the internet, and the popularity of ‘health tourism’.

But why would you want to travel to Thailand for addiction treatment? Well, here are four possible reasons:

A Change of Scenery Can Make It Easier to Change Our Minds

Running away from our problems is usually not the answer, but a temporary change of scenery can help us to see things in a new way. A completely new environment makes it easier to escape habitual patterns of thinking. We can become more receptive to trying new things and considering new options.

It can be incredibly difficult to make a clean break from addiction if we are surrounded by the usual triggers and stressors. There can be just too much pulling us back to the old life. Once we have a month or two of sobriety under our belt, it becomes much easier to face these triggers and stressors.

The sunny warm client of Thailand can be perfect for promoting a sense of optimism and possibility. It is a completely different culture to what most of us are used to, and being in this environment can inspire and heal us.

Hope Rehab Center Thailand offers the chance to volunteer

At the Hope treatment centre on the coast not far from Bangkok they offer clients the chance to volunteer after their treatment if complete. This has the benefit of extending their time in Thailand and helping others get well also.

Reasons to Choose Thailand for Addiction Treatment Reasons to Choose Thailand for Addiction Treatment

New Approaches to Addiction Recovery

We know that there is not one approach to addiction recovery that works for everyone, yet most rehabs around the world tend to be still stuck with the ‘one-size-fits-all’ model. The problem is that many of these institutions have been around for a while and have become stuck in the old way of doing things, and there can be a resistance to new approaches.

Here in Thailand, there is more willingness to experiment and adopt the most up-to-date evidenced-based approaches. There are also treatments native to Thailand (e.g. Thai mindfulness and Thai massage) that can be of great benefit to people in early recovery.

The Cost of Addiction Treatment Tends to Be Lower in Thailand

A lot of people choose to come go to rehab in Thailand because they can’t afford appropriate treatment at home. The overheads of running a rehab are much lower here, and the fact that the country has become a hub for ‘health tourism’ means prices are kept competitive.

In too many countries there is endless ‘handwringing’ over the impact of addiction, yet a lack of effective initiatives to help those who want to escape. Decent government-sponsored rehab is becoming harder to access, and the private options can be outrageously expensive. This means there are many ready to change, yet unable to get the support they need to make this change. For a lot of people, the only viable option is to look abroad for the help they need.
Budgets can be stretched by coming to a place such as Hope Rehab, what you might pay for one month at more expensive treatment facilities, a client can stay two or three months at Hope. It’s worth checking out what’s included in a rehab treatment package at Hope Rehab.

A Higher Level of Comfort in Thailand

There is no need for rehab to be an unpleasant experience. Sure, you are probably going to need to deal with at least some withdrawal symptoms initially, but a nice environment can be an effective distraction. Our rehabs here in Thailand can feel more like resorts than treatment centers, and the tropical heat creates the sense of being on holiday – of course, it is important that we don’t treat rehab too much like a holiday because there will be work to do as well.

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