Planning the Spring Wedding

When we married, it was literally out of a suitcase in Bali, with clothes we grabbed in Bangkok, during a month of near-continuous travel in Europe and Asia. And neither of us regret any of it. But with the obvious limitations, there was a lot we missed out on, not just in the ceremony, but also in the planning. And weddings have now become a slight obsession with me, and what could have been, if we had stayed in the UK to plan a perfect Spring wedding.

Weddings in the U.K.

This obsession actually came about during lockdown last year when I was helping to plan a family wedding that was held off (twice) because of the pandemic. But this also gave plenty of time and opportunity to plan and prepare, and be creative, with Allan and the groomsmen all kitted out in kilts. Finally, the wedding came together late last spring.

The Perfect Spring Wedding

Anyway, apart from all the good things in life that it offers, spring, the season of romance, warmth, fresh breezes, and blooming flowers, is also known for its springtime weddings.

It’s perfect for tying the knot and walking down the aisle while the weather is on your side. However, because of the high demand for venues and other services, it is best to plan and prepare ahead of time to avoid the hassle of rushing from pillar to post. 

So let me help you with the prerequisite list for a beautiful, memorable, and stress-free spring wedding.

Photographer and the bridesmaid dress 

Hire a good photographer for the D day; as they say, the wedding happens for a day, but the pics from that precious day live forever. 

Nowadays, couples are using UK-based apps that allow the guests to share wedding photos that they captured to relish for a lifetime or find the perfect bridesmaid dresses as per their size and wedding theme.

The customized service of these apps helps the bridesmaid choose a prom dress that suits you but also that matches the venue’s colour scheme.

Do not overlook the weather and make prior arrangements as per the rainy or hot weather forecast. 

Where is the venue?

Spring, being the favourite season for wedding couples, results in the shortage of suitable venues as per your need. Therefore, it is advisable to book them in advance while considering the number of guests, theme of the décor, accessibility, and cost. 

Flower Décor 

Spring is a season of blossoming flowers of different colours and shapes to create the fanciful ambience to make your wedding venue as appealing as you desire. You can experiment with plenty of themes from the dining area to the aisle and dance floor. However, owing to the high demand, it is recommended to plan the flower arrangement to save you from the last day rush. 


Before you engage a caterer for the big day so you can enjoy gourmet meals and desserts created from the spring season’s fresh produce, make sure to design the menu with your guests’ tastebuds and palettes in mind.

Also, don’t forget to read reviews from previous customers to help you choose a professional caterer for better service and taste.

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