California road trip itinerary

California is known as the “Golden State” for a reason. Disneyland and Hollywood aren’t the only well-known attractions in the area. The state has a lot more to offer both residents and visitors.

CA is home to plenty of natural treasures, including exotic beaches and stunning landscapes dotted with redwood trees, all of which entice surfers, adventurers, and leisure tourists to visit and experience this magnificent destination.

The state also boasts of being the economic hub and among the largest populated area making it culturally diverse and dynamic to the core.

California, being at the epicentre of the region, is well connected with all the central states and cities via well-built national highways, thus providing several options to a roadie in you to take a road trip and discover the enigmatic coastline while enjoying the beauty and greenery of the surroundings.

So let me take you out for a ride starting from Oakland to Los Angeles and share the pit stops of cities on the route and what to experience during your trip. 

California Road Trip Destinations

Start from Oakland

Before you hop on and begin your journey, relax and experience the first cannabis dispensary of Oakland offering the on-site consumption of the green medical herb under the expert supervision of consultants while soaking in the grand ambience and state-of-the-art interiors.

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Second Stop San Jose

A city filled with ancient architectural structures giving a glimpse of the Spanish colony from the mystical Italian era is a visual treat for the eyes. It also houses the famous tech museum of innovation for the seeker of science and technology. 

Third stop Santa Clarita 

This city will intrigue you with its Six flag mountain theme park with lots of thrilling roller coaster rides and a summertime water park full of water slides and a wave pool to beat the heat during your travel. 

Fourth stop Malibu

Home to many Hollywood celebrities, Malibu is a beach town with lots of sandy beaches. It also offers boat tours and water sports for the adrenaline obsessed traveller in you. During your stop, don’t forget to visit the historical Adamson house showcasing the ancient artefacts in the lagoon museum.

Fifth Stop Santa Monica 

This is the most popular city on the route offering the most beautiful and clear view of the pacific ocean. Indulge in the exciting beach trail while relishing the local street food and relaxing at the Palisades Park, followed by a stroll to the third street promenade. 

Last stop Los Angeles 

For all of you bitten by the glamorous and intriguing world of Hollywood, Los Angeles allows you to have a close look through its city tours, showcasing celebrity homes, Warner Bros. Studio, and full-day iconic site seeing.

You can be lost in the magical and fancy world at The wizarding world of harry potter, a theme-based park, and renege back to old memories of your childhood while experiencing the exact replica of Hogwarts as narrated in the book. 

Los Angeles in California Road Trip

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