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Live Less Ordinary chronicles the lifestyle of Allan and Fanfan; living in Bangkok and eating through Asia. Don’t expect bland and boring. Do expect obsessive food posts. Meet our Live Less Ordinary Bloggers. (Here for contact details and advertising or contact us at

Live Less Ordinary Bloggers Allan and Fanfan in Beihai Park Beijing China Low season in Krabi Thailand, Live Less Ordinary Bloggers Allan and Fanfan

Name: Allan Wilson
Hometown: Bangor, Northern Ireland, UK

Inspired by unfamiliar in 2002 Allan first travelled to Thailand and quickly immersed and integrated to local life. He now considers Bangkok a second home and Asia his playground. To establish a foothold in Asia he invested in high-end boutique property in Bangkok’s Sukhumvit area. In 2011 he made a permanent move to Bangkok.

Qualifications: A university dropout Allan went on to study through distance learning while travelling in Asia to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, a Diploma in Financial Management (ACCA) and a Diploma in Tourism Marketing (CIM).

Unique Interest: Travels focus on eating and Asian street food. Also a big fan of booze.

Noodling in Vietnam, Live Less Ordinary Bloggers Allan and Fanfan Boozing in the Himalayas, Live Less Ordinary Bloggers Allan and Fanfan

Name: Fanfan Narach
Hometown: Nang Rong, Buriram, Thailand.

Fanfan spent childhood in her hometown of Nang Rong, Eastern Thailand near the Cambodian border. With a family farm she was an outdoorsy girl spending much of her early life climbing trees and scrumping mangoes. At 15yo she moved to Bangkok for study and hasn’t looked back.

Education: Despite impressive academic abilities Fanfan chose to follow her artistic and creative passion by studying a degree in Fine and Applied Arts in Bangkok. After completion she now studies a degree in Law.

Unique Interest: As a design student Fanfan was fascinated by European design and architecture and in Asia her travels are geared to European colonial locations. With a special interest in baroque, rococo and gothic design Fanfan plans to travel through Europe in 2013 (and did, and loved it).

Tibetan Monastery, India, Live Less Ordinary Bloggers Allan and Fanfan Travel in Europe, Live Less Ordinary Bloggers Allan and Fanfan

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