Huamum Night Market in Bangkok

No matter where you are in Bangkok, a 100 Baht taxi ride will pretty much always find you well off the tourist path, which really is a simple ratio thing given Bangkok is a city of over 8 million. And I will always much prefer to explore in the evening hours, after the peak time traffic, when the relentless daytime temperatures have become slightly more bearable. But this is also when Bangkok’s night markets come to life, and today I’m sharing one of the lesser-known haunts at Huamum Night Market, which opens daily from sunset to around midnight (opening times: 18:00 PM – 00:00 AM), between Ladprao and the Ram Inthra areas of Bangkok (Google Maps Here). And we visited during a stay in Ramkhamheang when an 80 Baht taxi ride easily reached the Huamum Night Market. (Note, it is on the same road and can be mistaken for Talad Liab Duan Night Market).

Huamum Broadway, Huamum Night Market in Bangkok Thailand Barbershops at Huamum Night Market in Bangkok Thailand Ram Inthra, Huamum Night Market in Bangkok Thailand

A More Modern Flea Market

Of course I have no interest in shopping at all, so my own interest in night markets (apart from food) is the interesting trinkets, knickknacks and bric-a-brac often found at these night markets. As there will always be some kind of hip/retro theme, where they are a bit like car boot sales at times, only the junk is more interesting with the Asian twist to nostalgia. As they give a quick glimpse into a Thai yesteryear. However there really has been a void in this vintage market scene since the original Rot Fai Train Market at Chatuchak area closed, and various copycat “Talad Rot Fai” train markets have failed to fill the gap (JJ Green at Chatuchak is probably the best bet here). Otherwise Huamum Night Market is a more modern market, and while it goes have the occasional vintage stall dotted in between, it is otherwise focused more on the current local trends in Thailand.

Vintage Retro Market, Huamum Night Market in Bangkok Thailand Local Barbershop, Huamum Night Market in Bangkok Thailand Bangkok Night Markets, Huamum Night Market in Bangkok Thailand

Koong Tung (Shrimp Bucket)

Otherwise night markets are all about the food and bars for, which are diverse and plentiful at the Huamum Night Market, including balcony bars overlooking the market and lake fountain feature, as well as all the recent food trends like burgers trucks, barbecues, and whatnot. But we went for one of the more recent food trends at Huamum Night Market with Koong Tung (Shrimp Bucket) known also as “Table Seafood” (or ‘Meal on the Table’ as it is called here). Where barbecued seafood is served directly to the tabletop covered in a throwaway sheet, as a spicy and tangy “bang bang” sauce is poured on top. You then “eat with your hands”, although I find most people use the disposable gloves and bib provided, just to make the eating experience less messy.

Koong Tung Restaurant, Huamum Night Market in Bangkok Thailand Eating with hands, Huamum Night Market in Bangkok Thailand Table seafood, Huamum Night Market in Bangkok Thailand

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