How Genting Is Attracting More Foreign Travellers in Malaysia

All the people that have been to Malaysia will tell you the same thing – “this country is beautiful”. We can’t complain about that at all. There are many things you can visit here and make some beautiful memories with people that you love. However, tourism is one of the business fields that require constant advertisement.

Fortunately, Genting is investing a lot of effort in making all the guests feel comfortable. Apart from that, they work hard to attract millions of tourists to this lovely destination every year.

But how exactly are they doing that? Well, they make strategies based on feedback they get from foreign travellers. Because of that, we would like to talk about this topic a bit more. The analyses of their effort will help you determine which places or activities deserve your attention. Let’s go!

Genting Offers the Best Casino Entertainment

When people go on vacation, they want to relax completely. They are doing things they usually do not do. One of the options they often decide on is gambling. Fortunately for them, Genting does offer some incredible gambling opportunities.

We strongly recommend you visit the Genting casino when coming here. It is one of the most popular attractions among worldwide visitors. It is the first gaming space opened at this resort and it comes with a variety of different casino games. For example, you can enjoy completely digital table games. On the other hand, there are also classic games as well as slot machines similar to those you can see in Vegas.

The story does not end there. You can also enjoy gambling from a hotel room on some amazing Malaysian gambling sites. But be sure they are licensed, come with good bonuses, and proactive customer support. If you want to find the best online casinos in Malaysia, check the detailed guide prepared by the expert. That way, you will ensure yourself complete security and privacy of data.

Fun for Kids and Families

Who says that Malaysia is a good option only for young couples and students? Genting wants to ensure comfort and relaxation for everyone. That is the reason why one of the highlights they offer is themed parks. They are perfect for parents who want to ensure some beautiful moments for their children.

So, which ones to choose? According to our research, there are three options you can choose from. You can bring your kids to Skytropolis Funland, Genting Grand Indoor Theme Park, or Genting Skyworlds.

They Understand the Need for Shopping

We all want to spend time on sunny beaches, drinking some cold cocktails, hanging out with other people, etc. However, some of us have one more habit that may not be typical for everyone. We love to SHOP!

Genting realized that a lot of shopaholics come to Malaysia to purchase stuff. It is not a secret that T-shirts, shoes, and other pieces of clothes feature quality. Because of that, we suggest you check out a huge number of outlets present there. Most of them are located on the Sky Avenue part. But you can also check out the Genting Highlands Premium Outlets as well. You can find some pretty good stuff there developed by some of the most successful fashion brands.

Food and Specialties!

People that come here don’t just want to have fun. They also want to find an entertaining way to find out more details about Malaysian culture and tradition. We believe that trying out different traditional meals is the best way to do that!

Genting also became aware of that. That is the reason why people can find a huge number of restaurants in Genting Highlands. Here you will manage to taste some amazing specialities typical to Malaysian people. However, you will also get the chance to try out cuisines such as French, British, Korean, and many others.

We have to admit that most of these restaurants are often crowded. Because of that, you may need to wait for an empty seat in some cases. But we also need to say that the number of cafes and restaurants is huge. Because of that, if the one you liked is crowded, we are sure you will find another one!

Quiet Places: Farms, Memorials, etc.

People at Genting understand the need of some people to avoid crowds and noise. Some people simply want to find peace. That is the reason why there are many templates and farms people can check out when spending their holiday in Malaysia.

You can even find out more about the history of people here. For example, you can visit Chin Swee Cave Temple or spend your time at Gohtong Memorial Park. All these places come with a unique story. Peace is guaranteed!


After reading this article, you probably understand why more than 25 million people on average visit Malaysia every year. Genting prepared something for everyone! We guarantee you won’t be disappointed. So, what are you waiting for? Buy a plane ticket and enjoy!

2 thoughts on “How Genting Is Attracting More Foreign Travellers in Malaysia”

  1. I’ve lived in Malaysia for over 10 years, and Genting is probably one of my least favourite places. I can’t imagine why anyone would consider including it as part of a trip from overseas. It’s basically a shopping mall (with casinos and expensive food) and no connection to the nature outside. There are far better places to visit in Malaysia!

    1. I think a lot to do with it is the gaming/casino side of things. It’s also an escape from the lower lands (and intense heats) that are rare to find elsewhere in SE Asia at least so close to a major city. There’s also Chin Shwe Temple and the cablecars etc which offer the escape from resort.

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