Galle to Matara Bus Station in South Sri Lanka

When travelling from Galle to Matara Bus Station in South Sri Lanka, the route passes the whale-watching port of Mirissa and the surfer paradise of Unawatuna. The scenic coastal path takes in coconut palms, beaches, fish markets, fishing ports, colourful boats, and banana stalls. The area is rich with culture and local life.

Galle to Matara Bus Station by Tuk-Tuk

Tuk-tuk would be the preferred option for travel from Galle to Matara Bus Station (for train and bus times check the below). On the main road, and in front of most hotels, it is simple to haggle with tuk-tuks to bring you along Sri Lanka’s south coast and after roughly 40-minutes by tuk-tuk, you arrive at Matara bus station.

Galle to Matara Bus Station by Train

Trains leave Galle Railway station travelling from Galle to Matara as below:


Galle to Matara Bus Station by Bus

Buses leave Galle Central Bus Station at regular (inconsistent) times and follow the coastal route.

Matara Bus Station

Matara bus station is rough and ready. Few tourists pass through and there’s a good chance you will be the only travellers in the area. Expect muddled conversations. The surrounding markets are perfect for picking up snacks and refreshments for the long-haul journeys and hawkers will board before leaving to sell more snacks. From here we travel North to Ella or check here for our full South Sri Lanka Tour.

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  1. Unawatuna is the busiest of all the beach towns and our least favourite of the beaches because of it being over developed and one of the most touristic places in Sri Lanka. It really lacked the hospitality we had received everywhere else on the island.

  2. Hi. Just to get an idea, how much did you pay for a tuk-tuk ride from Galle to Matara bus station???

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