Commercial Stainless Steel Tables: Pick the Best Quality Equipment

Robustness, free maintenance, a stunning metallic look, and a vast spectrum of stylish designs are key features of a stainless steel prep table. It is a widely recognized solution for restaurants, businesses in the food industry, and establishments. Picking a first-rate and long-lasting stainless steel table, you can obtain a range of impressive benefits. Equipment made of this superior material easily resists external effects that can be harmful to the surfaces of kitchen tables. The intensive workable conditions will not cause damage, a corrosion-causing factor will not affect the metal countertop, and other enemies typical for food establishments won’t spoil the aesthetics and functionality of a stainless steel table.

Commercial Stainless Steel Table

Top three benefits of a commercial worktable made of stainless steel

Extremely high level of safety of cooking processes. Stainless steel is one of the most preferred materials due to the fact that a wide range of cleaning chemicals, products, acids, water, etc. don’t interact with it. It means that all kitchen standards and safety criteria will be met. Compared to wooden options which are easily corroded, decayed, and decomposed because of moisture or steam, stainless steel withstands all the mentioned above effects. Thus, stainless steel prep table is an indispensable component in commercial kitchens. Moreover, it is easy to keep it clean and bacteria-free. Only a few simple rules must be followed by kitchen workers:

  • It is recommended to use the right tools, such as a soft close and mild detergent, to avoid minor scratches and retain the look of the metal tops.
  • To get rid of dangerous microorganisms, apply proven and verified cleaning agents.
  • Food elements or spills must be wiped out right away, as they can cause dirt accumulation.

Highly hygienic surface. The metal surface doesn’t have any cracks and pores where dust, particles, and grime can be captured, spreading the bacteria. So, no pests will appear or grow in your commercial kitchen. Moreover, stainless steel is recyclable and considered eco-friendly.

Long service life. Stainless steel table prevents the formation of scratches and marks. Well-designed kitchen furniture will serve smoothly for years to come, outperforming any other type of similar equipment. Apart from longevity, it will also impress with its amazing style and alluring look.

With properly selected tables and other commercial equipment, you will be capable of neatly organizing the working area and keeping each zone smartly and ergonomically arranged without unnecessary components that can interfere with the process. With the tidy prep zone, every cooking activity will be facilitated and simplified. Moreover, tables come in different sizes, and configurations, and with extra accessories, such as shelves.

Smartly managed space is possible to attain with the equipment and products offered by AmGoodSupply. In the catalogue, you can find options with casters for better mobility. Another great solution is adding a backsplash to defend walls from staining and splashes. Mounted-in sinks can also come in handy. It can be one sink or a couple of them, but one way or another, it will assist in washing dishes and goods. 

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