7 Most Scenic Scotland Lakes to Visit

The country of greenery (or snow in our case), with cliffs, stunning castles, and dramatic history, Scotland remains one of the top choices for travellers seeking both adventure and serene holidays. But keep in mind that the country is also well-known for its beautiful, deep waters, which are a great part of the intricate scenery of Scotland’s rolling landscapes. Ideally, you should try to visit them on a road trip, as the best way to get out to explore the rugged landscapes of this wild and untamed country. Here are the 7 most scenic Scotland lakes to visit! 

Loch Awe

The name speaks for itself, right?

Located in the lovely village of Argyll and Bute, Loch Awe is an impressive body of mostly freshwater and adds a beautiful frame to Scottish Highlands’ panorama. You will find activities all around – there are plenty of churches and ruins surrounding Loch Awe, also the romantic 15th-century Kilchurn Castle. 

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Loch Loyne Viewpoint Winter Road Trip in the Scottish Highlands Snow Scotland

Loch Ness

Now this one you surely know, by the name at least! Though carrying the legend of the monstrous Nessie, Loch Ness is actually a lovely place to spend time. Explore the countryside by the lake, or have a picnic and relax at the sight of very calm waters. You can also indulge in some touring – see the picturesque Urquhart Castle or the beautiful view of Lochend and Fort Augustus. 

Loch Ness Castle, Winter Road Trip in the Scottish Highlands Snow Scotland

Loch Lomond

At number three, we have the largest inland stretch of water in all of Great Britain! Apart from scenic surroundings and clear surfaces, Loch Lomond is also famous for being a part of the Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park. So, naturally, that guarantees a lot of places to explore, so try and take this opportunity and get to know the beauty of Mother Nature in Scotland.

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Loch Lomond, Winter Road Trip in the Scottish Highlands Snow Scotland (3)

Loch Arklet

Perfect to spend time in serenity and quiet; Loch Arklet is not as much as entertaining, yet twice as beautiful! Though relatively small, the lake is a place to relax, fish, or enjoy the scenic landscapes. While spending time near the lake, you will catch glimpses of stunning wildlife, especially birds and other smaller animals. So, just sit, take a breath, and enjoy the simplicity of nature.

Wild Reindeer, Winter Road Trip in the Scottish Highlands Snow Scotland

Loch Maree

Now this one is a mix of all kinds of things! Shrouded in mystery and legends, Loch Maree is just a bonus to the other nearby sites. You will see areas of ruins, a chapel, a forgotten graveyard, and even a 7th-century monastery that is as creepy as it is stunning. Then, for the fun of it, walk around and try to find an ancient druids site. And if that is not right up your street, then take the trail to the Slioch mountain, dominating the horizon!

Queens View in Snow, Winter Road Trip in the Scottish Highlands Snow Scotland

Loch Shiel

Famous for its history and modern-day media, Loch Shiel is a must-visit in Scotland! Not only was it the site of the battle between the Scottish and the Norse in 1410, but you might also recognize it from the fantasy franchise of Harry Potter. In the movie series, Loch Shiel played the part of the Black Lake near Hogwarts. And yes, we can confirm that it is just as magical! With hills and ruins all around, the lake is one of the most scenic places in the country. 


Loch Katrine

Another media-famous lake in Scotland, Loch Katrine, is a site of natural beauty and fairytale-like surroundings. Recognizable from Sir Walter Scott’s The Lady of The Lake, Loch Katrine adopted many legends and stories about its deep, mysterious waters and lovely scenery nearby. 

It also carries a lot of dramatic history, not just the stories. Once, it played as the main water supply for Glasgow and was home to Queen Victoria’s gothic cottage. If you wish to explore the lands even more, there are many great hiking trails and comfortable routes to take!

Loch Lomond, Winter Road Trip in the Scottish Highlands Snow Scotland

As you can see, there are plenty of water bodies to see here in Scotland. If any of them are near your desired locations, try to visit as many as possible! So, grab your hiking boots, a camera, perhaps a map, and off on an adventure to explore the marvellous sights of Scotland lakes!

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