A Symphony of Life: Traders Hotel (KL)

You could say we are well-versed with the typical tourist protocol in Kuala Lumpur, only in the past we have often followed our hunger for street food, before common sense. Which typically ends in sleepless nights in the increasingly touristy Bukit Bintang area of Kuala Lumpur. But, no matter where we stay in Kuala Lumpur, our first destination will almost always be KLCC and the Petronas Twin Towers… whether we like it or not. As the slightest glimpse of the majestic towers has us drawn to them like moths to a light. Therefore we skipped the inevitable on this visit, basing ourselves next to them in a hotel near KLCC, where the best views are undoubtedly found at the Traders Hotel by Shangri-La (Traders Twin Tower View Room). And we have front row seats to the crown jewel of Southeast Asia (note, if scared by shiny and magnificent towers, do look away now).

A Symphony of Lights

Call me weird, but I’m a little obsessed with big city lights (this is why we live in Bangkok), and to find them there are few better places than KLCC. Where the towers are framed perfectly, and we find ourselves up close and intimate, at the Traders Hotel. And arriving early we wait patiently watching over the daytime skyline, in anticipation for the night views to unfold. As we sit directly above KLCC park, which remains relatively quiet during daytime bar park caretakers, joggers, fountains and occasional orioles nipping between trees below. A serene scene in contrast to the night.

We pass time with a bottle of wine (as always) and haul the guestroom sofa to the front window (sorry Traders) where we sit, keeping watch, as the city lights begin to flick on. First the park below, then the neon shop fronts, next car headlights and the office buildings, all inevitably dwarfed by the views of the Petronas Towers. As darkness sets the daily gathering of ant-like tourists gather by the foot of the towers where the scenes are brought to life by the ‘Lake Symphony’ with music, dancing fountains and shimmering lights. We no doubt have the best views from above accompanied by red wine, complimentary chocolates and fruit basket. Happy.

Where Worlds Collide

For three days Fanfan becomes increasingly bugged and bemused by the runners on the gym’s treadmills. “What are they doing?” “They’re on holiday. Why are they in the gym?”, “They’re at it again, like 10 of them…” Shocked every time she sees them. In ways this reflects our time at the Traders Hotel where we find a unique mix of travellers, different to our usual recreational travel lifestyle. At hotels we normally blend with the same bland crowds from one destination to the next, few out of the ordinary, or in anyway different. At the Traders Hotel guests are no doubt different, first in the elevator could be an Arab businessman, the next, western honeymooners. The hotel bring all sorts, from all walks of life, all gathering around these dazzling metal towers… and then there is us. This is what I love about travel, the obscure feeling of otherness, surrounded by big city lights and a fascinating mix of unfamiliar. If it weren’t for these unique experiences we probably would have given up long ago.

Food Rescheduled…

So our past Malaysian travels were generally focused on street food and exploring Malaysia’s unique and diverse food cultures. On this visit we fail to leave the hotel. While street food was coaxing us out, the onsite restaurants kept us held in. There were simple compromises with Suria KLCC just a buggy ride away, but this wasn’t necessary. Eating at the Traders Hotel is too good to leave behind and we make the most of every meal. For daytime eating we find ourselves lost in the seemingly endless spread at the Gobo Chit Chat buffet where, with similar all-you-can-eat buffets, we would focus on one, maybe two tasty offerings, but at the Gobo Chit Chat we were dying to eat them all (and did our best). “You came to Malaysia to eat pork pie?”, “Leave me alone, I’m happy, and you’re eating sushi.” So this came commonplace in our stay with the Traders Hotel, Fanfan emptying trays of beef rendang during breakfast while I get lost in binges of cheese, cold cuts, smoked salmon, sushi, beef tenderloin… Then the evenings set up in the Traders Club Lounge with cocktails and high tea bites. Why leave?

Intoxicating Views at the Skybar

After two nights, indulging in towers from our hotel suite, we decide to move higher to the 33rd floor and the Traders Hotel Skybar. This option is perfect for those not staying at the hotel as they bring the same intoxicating views of Petronas Towers only this time with serious cocktails and mixed bites served in buckets (as all food should be served). We nibble on a mixed platter of skewered lamb kofta kebabs, giant prawns and mixed satay with varying dips (the mixed grilled skewers bucket) and I find myself at my happiest. The Skybar cocktails are relatively cheap at 30Rm and up during normal hours, and again lower with happy hour promotions. Compared to Southeast Asia’s other famous rooftop bars they are no doubt a bargain (50RM at Lebua Sky Bar (Bangkok) and 65RM at Ku De Ta (Marina Sands, Singapore). The atmosphere is also more relaxed and easier to enjoy with a cool breeze from the central pool of the Skybar. If planning to visit be sure to book in advance (cabana tables) as the venue quickly fills up. To reach the Skybar there is a free shuttle service from the Petronas Towers at the Suria KLCC fountain area.

Out in the City

Kuala Lumpur is a simple city to navigate and the Traders Hotel makes travel even easier with onsite metered taxi ranks and a free buggy service to and from the Petronas Towers. The complimentary buggy service runs frequently throughout the day, every 5 minutes or so, beginning at 08:00am and ending at 22:00pm but a quick walk through the KLCC Park maybe the more adventurous option. If you’ve had your full fill of towers then taxis will bring you to the rest of Kuala Lumpur’s attractions and prices start from 6RM up (blue executive taxis). There’s plenty to see in the city; explore the temples and mosques in the heritage areas, a visit to the Hindu temples at Batu Caves or maybe an escape to the unspoiled nature of the surrounding Selangor area. There’s plenty to keep busy in Kuala Lumpur and the towers will always be there for your return. Further info and booking here >>

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