Weed Shops and Cannabis Cafes in Sukhumvit

Not really one of my personal expertise or interest, but it is hard not to notice the complete change of the local landscape through the past months with weed shops and cannabis cafes in Sukhumvit popping up on what feels like a weekly basis. Even on my short walk back from Terminal 21 earlier, they were hanging up signs for the new ‘Thai Cannabis Club’ on Sukhumvit 23 (next to Soi Cowboy) as just another new weed-focused joint opens in the Asoke area (sorry about the crap phone photos). Something that has been happening since the legalisation of cannabis in Thailand back in June (2022).

So I thought I would head back out to try and document all the newly opened weed shops on the short 600-meter walk from my condo to the Asoke interchange within a quick stroll from both the BTS Skytrain (Asok) and Underground (Sukhumvit). This more or less just takes in the lower half of Sukhumvit 21 and Sukhumvit 23 as well as the Sukhumvit Road between them and the connecting soi halfway (Sukhumvit 21-1). A bit like a circle.

Thai Cannabis Club Sukhumvit 23 Soi Cowboy Weed-Shops-and-Cannibas-Cafes-in-Sukhumvit-

Weed Shops and Cannabis Cafes near Asok BTS / Sukhumvit MRT

Within 600-meters of the main Asoke BTS/MRT (Asok BTS Map Here) I came across 9 weed shops or cannabis cafes or whatever you want to call them. And this is only on the nearside of Sukhumvit along Asoke Road (one cannabis shop, Magicleaf, literally connects to the Sukhumvit Interchange Mall). Anyway, for those interested in the actual shops, I have listed them below, starting from Terminal 21 and walking along the Asoke road (Sukhumvit 21) before cutting across to Sukhumvit 21-1 into Sukhumvit 23 before walking back down again to the main Sukhumvit Road.

Weeds Shops and Cannabis Cafes in Sukhumvit Bangkok (420)

Where to Buy Cannabis in Sukhumvit?

I’ve more or less shared 9 weed shops within just one small corner of Asoke. Then there is the opposite side of Sukhumvit Road and again the opposite side of the Asoke Interchange (Sukhumvit 19 etc.) For example, from the Asoke Skywalk looking out at Sukhumvit Soi 16 on Ratchadapisek Road, there is a huge building-sized weed banner for Royal Queen Seeds.

Otherwise, I feel like we’ve only uncovered the tip of the iceberg, and every time we taxi in the Sukhumvit area we see new cannabis cafes and marijuana dispensaries popping up on various sois. Even searching for those I already named I found that they are new branches of other Sukhumvit stores. In short, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to weed shops in Sukhumvit. They’re hard to miss. And a short walk to Phrom Prong I find Kush House and the Cannabis Boutique.

The Best Cannabis Cafes in Sukhumvit?

How would I know… but the better of them in the Asoke area seem to be on the Sukhumvit 21-1 alley aka Pi Sayam Samakhom Alley (just next to Pasarnmit Plaza for Googling). There’s literally 4 shops within 50-metres along with lots of food which obviously helps. Daniel Tiger’s new Stax Burgers Asok pretty much connects to the Four Twenty Dispensary as well so… what more do you need. Anyway, feel free to share your own recommendations in the comments. And here’s a decent video showing a bunch of the above.

How Much is Cannabis in Sukhumvit?

From what little knowledge I have it is kind of expensive and it seems like most marijuana is imported rather than homegrown in Thailand atm (27/09/2022). Although this will likely change. I did take a few photos of the local vendors below to give an idea of different strains and pricing etc. The shop with the widest range (shown out front) would be 420 Cafe x Booze 21 which sits beneath Terminal 21 on Asoke Road. This may be a good start for exploration.

Is it Legal to Smoke Marijuana in Bangkok?

It is prohibited to smoke on the streets and all sales of cannabis in Bangkok is for medical rather than recreational purposes. However sellers do not require doctor notes or any proof/ID to sell weed in Sukhumvit and Bangkok. So it’s probably best to be discreet. At the same time, prostitution, sex toys, pornography, fake clothes… all are illegal in Thailand and it’s more to do with enforcement (or lack of) that will dictate the use of cannabis in Sukhumvit and Bangkok. I’d occasionally catch a good whiff of weed on the streets or from the balconies surrounding my condo swimming pool.

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