5 Ways to Make a Visual Impact with Interior Design

Back when we started this blog in 2013, it was an outlet for my creativity at the time with my study with a degree in applied arts (interior design). Much of the focus was on unique and boutique hotel experiences, which then spiralled into wider travel, and the original focus kind of fell behind. But with the collapse of the travel industry and lack of opportunities to travel through the pandemic, I have found myself revisiting these roots, including the renovation of our condo in Bangkok. A project that kept me busy during the whole lockdown in the country and was admittedly long overdue.

The Interior Overhaul

This project actually started with a couple of fixes in the bathroom, and became an entire overhaul of the condo, using my favourite 5 ways to make a visual impact with interior design. This includes a colour coordinated theme (as above) going right from the bathroom to the kitchen and so there is a synergy throughout as the entire condo kind of blends. And while we are working here with a 52sqm unit (1-bedroom condo), the same can be done with any house or home, by following our guide on how to make a visual impact through interior design.

Warm Cosy Homes

The interiors of a home can really boost your mood as soon as you enter a warm, cosy, well-decorated space. Instantly, they have the ability to make a strong visual impact on anyone. So it is important to ensure your home has stellar interiors. And while it is possible to have pretty much kitted interiors bought from furniture stores these days, I will always prefer to choose my own interiors and designs to create a completely unique space for me.

You don’t really have to spend a ton of money to make your home look vibrant and homely either. You can even DIY or plan budget interior design projects to spruce up your living space and even benefit from a free fonts collection to truly personalise your interior spaces. You just need intent and a fair dose of creativity.

Here are some easy ways in which you can make an instant visual impact on your guests using smart interior design tactics

1. Wall Décor

Think wall art, paintings and murals – all these can instantly deck up any dull walls. Brighten them up with some funky paints or cool wallpapers in the backdrop to make your wall art pop. This can make a very strong visual impact and is certainly even cost-effective.

2. Add Textures

Texturing is super important to make your space stand out. Simple things like throwing out a beautiful rug, adding funky curtains, plants or artificial grass, baskets, wall arts, patterns etc have a strong visual impact. It is easy and fun to add textures and you can literally go overboard with this. Plus it’s a lot of fun to decorate your space and add to it as you go along.

3. Warm Mood Lights are the KEY

Lighting is everything. This is so true. You can even make a dull space look bright and cosy by adding some mood lights, fairy lights and well-adjusted spotlights. You can literally go crazy with lights but in general, yellows add a touch of warmth and are recommended for that cosy vibe. If you are more adventurous you can even experiment with other colours or maybe even set up different lights for different rooms and moods.

4. Plush Cushions

Cute fluffy cushions and throws can add instant charm to any room. You can have multiple cushions on your sofa/ bed and match them with walls/ other furniture. This will go well if you are doing a themed interior or even if you want to keep things simple and yet charming.

5. Colour Coordinate a Solid Theme

Always have a colour theme for your home. This really makes it stand out. You can even have a different theme for each room or have one base colour in the entire house and then add different matching colours to each room. It really depends on your taste and style. For example, if you have yellow as the base theme, you can then add browns in a few rooms, greens in others as all these colours go well together while enhancing the main theme colour.

Your home’s interiors define your taste and style. So make sure to let it stand out so you can showcase your true self. Interior design is integral to give a facelift to any space so own it and enjoy playing around with patterns, colours, textures, lights, furniture and art.

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