Top Tips for Moving to Thailand

Moving to a new country may sound like an exciting experience but it comes with its fair share of challenges, especially if it is a diverse destination like Thailand. Before you start planning on your international relocation, you have to take care of all the important stuff which you won’t be able to do once you set foot from your home soil. Remember, making the decision of retiring overseas is much more difficult than actually doing it.

So here are some tips you need to consider well  before you have bought your airline tickets for the Land of Smiles.

Medical Insurance

For people who wish to work in Thailand or want to retire there, will have to arrange medical insurance for themselves. Do not make the mistake of taking travel insurance as it is valid for a limited period only. That said, Thailand is a sought after medical tourism destination because of much lower costs than western countries.


You will require different visas depending on the reasons for moving to Thailand. For those planning to stay long term you must have the right documents, as leaving the country on expiry of visa is not reliable. If money is not an issue, get the Thailand Elite visa, which can allow you stay from five to twenty years, with practically no paperwork.

Where to stay?

If you are moving to Thailand on a job offer then you will stay where your boss wants. The same applies if you are planning to stay with a family. For anyone else there is flexibility and ample choice. It is better to arrive in Bangkok and stay there to try out a location before committing to one in advance. What may initially seem like a novelty may wear out fast. You should filter your options based on location, price and return on your investment. Some popular cities are Bangkok, Pattaya, living in Chiang Mai or Phuket. If you are planning to purchase property in Thailand, then your options are limited as there is a law against foreigners for owning land in the country. The best choice, therefore, is to take a house on lease for thirty years or more.

Bringing the essentials

To avoid making a couple of trips between your home country and Thailand to see if you have everything you need it is better to carry them with you in one go.

Those with a job offer can carry more, otherwise if you want to settle or retire you have to pay extra. Basic furniture, toiletries and unbranded clothes are cheap and need not be brought from your home country. However branded clothes can easily be bought on clearance sales by using Kohl’s coupons online.

Some items that you should carry with you are electronic products, books, branded clothes and shoes. If there are some special home appliances you will only get in the states ensure to get some Home Depot discount coupons and simply buy from your favourite store and pack.

Important documents

Government offices in Thailand thrive on paperwork. Make sure to bring originals as well as plenty of photo copies of the important documents mentioned below:

  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Driving licence
  • House ownership deeds
  • List of contact numbers
  • Income proof or salary slip
  • Marriage/Divorce certificate
  • Medical reports and certificates
  • Tax, Social Security Number, National Insurance number.
  • Bank account: Put all your money into a TD bank account which reimburses all ATM fees, even in Thailand. Carry the bank statements.

You may also need to have some of these documents translated into Thai or attested by your embassy. For security reasons, draw two lines across all photo copied documents, sign them with date.

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