Tips to Plan your Trip to Japan

Are you planning a trip to Japan? Well, if this is your first time, then you should be aware of some useful information that will come handy when planning your trip. This is a land of convenience where everything works. You will be amazed by their futuristic architecture, most efficient trains and the delicious food. It is no secret that Japan is an absolutely enthralling travel destination and that is why we keep going back for more. But even if you are an expert traveller, you should be aware of some essential aspects of when travelling to Japan. anyway, here are some tips for planning your travel to Japan.

You do not need a visa: Even if there is a no visa requirement for most nationalities and one is allowed to stay for three months, expect lots of grilling upon arrival and extensive immigration interrogation. It is a good idea to board an international flight for more convenience.

Practice some basic Japanese: Before visiting Japan, it is strongly recommended that you learn some Japanese words and phrases. Japanese may be modest but don’t get fooled by their modesty, and even the most articulate English speakers will say that they do not speak English that well.

Buy Japanese Rail Pass: Japan Rail (JR) Pass has been made for foreigners, and you can buy it for about $250. The pass will allow you to access any JR line in the country for seven days. It can be expensive for some holidaymakers so another good idea is to use the Tokyo subway where the fares are incredibly cheap.

Track your expenses: Holidaying in Japan can be expensive so keep an eye on your expenditures. Guard your money and stay on budget and monitor your daily expenditures. If running low on cash, take out a short-term loan to tide over your financial worries.

Pack for unpredictable weather: Japan has four distinct seasons, and one should be aware of the weather conditions before they arrive. As it often rains in Japan, always carry a raincoat and umbrella. While the days could be warm, it can get colder when the sun goes down, so pack in layers.

Keep a map handy: Accept that you are going to get lost as Japan is a massive country and boasts of the most detailed transportation systems. While it is great to have a public transit everywhere, the complexity can be confusing. so, keep a map handy.

Carry a hand sanitizer and a plastic bag: As you will find no soap dispensers in Japan, it is a good idea to carry a hand sanitizer. While the toilets are high tech, but you will find it difficult to locate a soap dispenser. As there is a lack of trash cans in public spaces, you should also carry a plastic bag.

Take advantage of vending machines: The vending machines are just everywhere, and one can even get a hot coffee in a can and even sake or hot chips. You can buy coffee, tea, cigarettes, hot food, soups from these machines. The pervasiveness and the incredible variety of these machines will leave you surprised.

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