Tips for Stress-free Travel in Japan

Nobody sets out on the holiday of a lifetime thinking it will cause stress. But for most people, it can and does. Whether for business or pleasure, travelling should be a stress-free and enjoyable experience. There are many things to keep in mind that can help you in planning and executing a stress-free trip. A person’s vulnerability to stress is determined by a variety of factors, such as their personality, genetics, social support, and coping skills. Make sure to follow these tips to ensure your trip to Japan is one filled with memorable moments.

Plan Ahead

Careful planning is vital for any trip as even the smallest details can cause anxiety. Set a timeframe for organising visas and vaccinations, booking the flight, preparing your itinerary, and packing. Check out for all the details you need. Procrastination can be avoided and a little more time for more important items on your to-do list can be guaranteed to ensure a successful trip.

Goals are important on the road to less stress when travelling in Japan. Make sure you set the right goals for yourself, have a plan to achieve those goals, and follow through on what is necessary to achieve or maintain those goals. Though challenging, these goals are ultimately what can result in the trip of your dreams. Also, recognise that there may be mishaps along the way. Do not let those cloud the bigger picture, as they are merely bumps in the road.

Think Positive

Avoid getting fired up over minor blunders that you cannot control. Flight delays and lengthy waits at the airport happen frequently. Ask yourself what the best outcome is. What can you do to improve matters? Embrace change and prepare yourself to make the most of the downtime. Read a book or listen to music. Be thankful and talk positively to yourself. The stress reaction is naturally triggered when you are critical of yourself and your choices.

Giving yourself encouragement and support can help you feel less stressed. Think of the adventures that lie ahead. Why not try this terrific stress-taming tool that originates in Japan and can easily be used on the run? Each finger represents a different emotion and by learning and applying this method daily before your trip, you will be able to balance your stress responses better once you land in Japan, allowing more time for enjoyment and adventure.

Journal a New Journey

When you get home, have something to look forward to. It can be challenging to resume your regular schedule. Plan another trip or redecorate your study with all the Japanese souvenirs you just picked up. Making sure you have something to look forward to can help to reduce post-travel blues. Putting your ideas and feelings into writing might also help. Whatever comes to mind, write it. When you’re done, you can either throw it away or store it for further thought. These records could be the navigational devices you need to set you on the path to planning that next trip.

Fortunately, there are several effective strategies and techniques that can help you to stress less when travelling. So, if you can picture yourself relaxing atop Mount Fuji, eating a platter of the freshest sushi, after performing your three minutes of “Rajio Taiso” then stop stressing and go plan that trip!

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