Things To Know Before Visiting Germany

Germany has many exciting towns and cities to visit and has a rich offering of foods, drinks, and festivals.

Are you about to plan a visit to Germany? Well, keep reading. We will discuss all the tips, tricks, and information you need to know before planning your trip.

In this guide, you will find information to help you plan your trip, organize your visa, and the best places to visit in Germany.

Visiting Germany? Here’s What You Need To Know

Here are some handy tips to successfully plan your trip to Germany. Beer festivals, strudels, and a vibrant culture await you!

Visa Requirements In Germany

Unless from the EU, you will need to get an ETIAS tourist visa to visit Germany (From May 2023, citizens from the United Kingdom will also be required to complete an ETIAS), and you’ll likely need proof that you plan to leave the country – in the form of a return or ongoing flight ticket. To apply for a tourist visa to Germany, you’ll need to prepare the following documents:

● A completed application form.
● A declaration of the form’s accuracy.
● Passport photos.
● Your valid national passport.
● Your bank statements from the last 3 months.
● Your travel insurance.
● Proof of your accommodation reservations.
● A no-objection certificate from your educational institution or employer.
● An invitation letter from the person you’re visiting.
● A letter explaining why you’d like to see Germany.
● Your driver’s license.
● Your marriage certificate or proof of your marital status.

If you apply for a German Schengen visa, this will allow you to visit any other Schengen countries. If you possess a Schengen visa, you will not need to perform the Schengen Visa application process again.

Additionally, Germany does not require visas from citizens of over 60 countries, so check whether you’re required to apply.

COVID-19 Regulations In Germany

In June 2022, Germany lifted travel restrictions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to German guidelines, you are required to wear a mask while using public transport and in public healthcare settings. So, be sure to bring a mask with you on your travels.

If you contract coronavirus in Germany and take a positive PCR test, you must self-isolate for five days.

Best Places To Visit In Germany

When planning your trip to Germany, you must hear about the best places to visit. Here are some of the most incredible places to visit in Germany:

● Berlin – the nation’s capital, you should most definitely include Berlin in your travel plans. Berlin is a vibrant city with excellent dining, shopping, and sightseeing opportunities. You might also wish to visit Museum Island in Berlin, home to many art galleries and museums to explore at your leisure.

● Munich – the red-roofed city of Munich, is located near the Bavarian alps. It is one of the first cities in Germany and was founded by monks in the 1100s. You’ll find many awe-inspiring church buildings in this historic city.

● Medieval Rothenberg – if you’re a lover of historic and quaint architecture, you’ll be blown away by Medieval Rothenberg. It is one of the few medieval European cities left untouched by the ravages of war, and it is highly picturesque.

● The Rhine Valley – if you want to explore some of Germany’s more rural and natural areas, you might consider delving into the Rhine Valley. Here, you can explore the old castles dotting the Rhine riverbanks.

German Festivals And Activities

Germany has many festivals and activities for those who would like to immerse themselves in the vibrant festivities and mirth-filled events of Germany.

Germany is famous for its Oktoberfest, which is a beer festival that takes place in the early autumn. Or, consider visiting Germany in time for the Karneval, a two-week-long fancy dress celebration filled with weird and wonderful traditions!

Best Time To Visit Germany

Between July and September, you’ll find Germany’s weather most suitable for roaming the outdoors and exploring the city streets. However, if you’d like to explore Germany’s peaks during the ski season, Germany makes an excellent Christmas getaway.

Germany can be very festive during the winter, and you’re bound to make your holidays special by visiting historic German towns covered in snow and Christmas lights.

Of course, you’ll need to plan your trip around any festivals you’d like to visit, so check out the dates for this year’s Oktoberfest or Karnaval before booking any flights.


If you’re booking a trip to Germany – you’re in for a treat. Germany has rich architecture, many historical buildings, and many activities to enjoy. Before you can taste Germany, you’ll need to get your visa sorted! So, prepare and start thinking of all the marvelous things you’d like to see while in Germany.

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