Super Strong Beers in Malaysia

Where I come from Carlsberg Special Brew is synonymous with park bench and back alley boozing. It tastes like “rocket fuel” and is branded a drink for drunks due to its hefty 8.8% alcohol content. It is hard to find higher in the UK. In Malaysia Carlsberg Special Brew is tame. An average beer. Drink it with noodles. This is because Malaysia is home to the Super Beers. At every corner shop next to tins of Pepsi and Lychee Juice sit a selection of Extra Strong, Ultra Strong and Super Strong beers. Between 12% and 15% Alc.

Corner Shops Selling Super Strong Beer in Malaysia, Southeast Asia 7/11 and KK Shops Sell Super Strong Beer in Malaysia, Southeast Asia

Pick your Poison

While my initial choice was drawn to the cuddly animal tins I thought best to play safe with Hunter Super Strong. “Brewed in Belgium”, “Premium Lager” sounds delightful. The highest alcohol content of 15%. This was not my first time sampling Malaysia’s super beers. I once bought a tin of Weidmann Ultrastrong after a romantic wine and dine in Langkawi. Things got blurry. Fanfan shouted. Today I will be sensible and I shall kick back in my Georgetown Heritage Hotel and sip it from sober.

Weidmann Extra Strong. Super Strong Beer in Malaysia, Southeast Asia 15% alc Hunter Super Strong Beer in Malaysia, Southeast Asia

Prices of Strong Beers

6.5RM; price not so different than a tin of Heineken. Opens like beer, looks like beer, tastes similar to a beer. If I had to describe the taste it would be “super strong beer” or “beer with extra alcohol”, maybe a taste of Vodka. I won’t be downing pints and instead sip a glass while I blog. I get tipsy quick without noticing. Half the tin down I feel lazy. Full tin down I had cancelled my plans for the night and resorted to a night in with a Subway sandwich. Fanfan shouted over Skype. I am not new to strong alcohol and it is in fact my travel essential and I recently wrote a guide to the best alcohols in nearby Asia. A 500ml tin of 15% beer is not so different from a bottle of wine or Japanese sake. Good to get drunk but not recommended for daytime beering.

6 thoughts on “Super Strong Beers in Malaysia”

  1. I am having an Amigos Premium Strong beer right now. I find these beers are the only ones that go down comfortably after a curry!

  2. Almost all the so called strong beers are fakes.They never have the alcohol content listed on the cans.At the most they have an alcohol content of 7% and thats being generous.

  3. Used to have special brew of Carlsberg which is 9% alcohol level but don’t know for whatever reason they reduced d alcohol level to 6.5%. I am extremely disappointed.

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