Small fairytale towns and villages in France

France is not just Paris. Medieval cities built on the banks of rivers, dolly villages perched on the invisible heights of the Alps, and islands nestling in the embrace of the Mediterranean tempt us to travel – even mentally – to this wonderful country. Get ideas for your next trip and plan a unique visit to places that are not so common but can offer just as fantastic experiences as the country’s largest cities and destinations.


About an hour north of Paris, Amiens is best known for its imposing Gothic cathedral. However, its real highlight is the magnificent hortillonnages, gardens that seem to float between 65 kilometres of water canals.


Known for its magnificent Romanesque Abbey, which dates back to 910 AD, the doll Klyni is built on the banks of the Grosne River, surrounded by the lush plains of Burgundy.


You will also hear it called “Venice of Savoy” or “Venice of the Alps” and not unjustly: One of the best preserved medieval cities in France, Annecy is built on the shores of an idyllic lake, and is crossed by a network of water canals, the which are crowned here and there by stone bridges.

Annecy Canals, Road Trip in Southern France and Borders June


Does France have islands? Before rushing to answer “Corsica only”, zoom in on the map until you reach the island of Bougainvillea, opposite the C Αte d’Azur, where cars do not circulate and peace reigns and you will find the Porquerolles area.


The magnificent Colmar of Alsace, with its canals and colourful houses, is – and rightly so – on every list of the “most beautiful small towns in France”. It is considered the capital of Alsatian wines and the inspiration of Disney designers for the village of Bell in Pentamorfi and the Beast. The beautiful colours create a genuine fairytale setting, which will not leave anyone unmoved in front of this unique beauty.


Perhaps the most beautiful city in Brittany, Dinan, was built in the 13th century on a green hill over the banks of the River Rance, where it still stands to this day.

La Roque-Gageac

He is a serious candidate for the title of the most beautiful village in France. You will find it in southwestern France, in the geographical region of Dordogne, built on the banks of the river of the same name (Dordogne). The view of the village lit at night, really can not be described in words.

Dordogne Valley, Road Trip in Southern France and Borders


Up there in Alsace, a breath away from the German border, the sweet Egisem is known for its fantastic wine and the ruins of its three castles, most of which were destroyed during the war in 1466.


Twelve kilometres from Nice, Ez was Walt Disney’s favourite holiday destination in Europe on the French Riviera. Small and beautiful, it overlooks the endless blue of the Mediterranean from the hill of 427 meters on which it is perched. Its older inhabitants speak a dialect that is on the verge of extinction, which resembles neighbouring Monaco’s language.


Its location just below the top of the alpine Mont Blanc has earned it the reputation of being the ultimate Central European ski destination. Discover this wonderful winter resort, staying in one of its modern facilities and enjoying all the additional leisure services at the highest level. Focus on one of the complete accommodation packages from Erna Low, a timeless company in the organization of winter trips in the Alps, offering affordable packages to all travellers. Chamonix, however, is excellent all year round, thanks to its puppet architecture and the spectacular views it enjoys on the ridges and the alpine landscape around it.

Mont Blanc, Road Trip in Southern France and Borders June

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