Flashpacking in Ryokan Hostel (Penang)

After being trolled for negativity on my first ever hostel experience I am now going back for a second bite. Coincidently in the same country, town and even street as my previous hostel experience. This time I choose a hostel closer to my own interests. I shun the backpackers to taste the trendy life of a flashpacker. Today’s hostel is Ryokan Chic Hostel in Georgetown, Penang. Note; this is in no way an attempt to better my life. It is not to shake off the hurtful comments of ‘being lame’, a ‘sad person’ or being told to ‘start living life’. It is because Muntri Street is the perfect location for a stay in Georgetown, Penang. Quiet, charming with local Chinese temples and unique wall art. Bang in the centre of Georgetown’s Unesco Heritage area. A short walk finds Love Lane, the bustle and street food of Chulia Street and the delightfully garish Red Garden Food Paradise. It is also the backpacker hub of Penang with limited (to no) hotels. Previously my preferred hotel in Penang was Chulia Heritage Hotel (Chulia Street) which on this visit is fully booked. Now after my stay at Ryokan Chic Hostel I am split between the two.

The Flashpacker Experience

Backpacker and hostel experiences are often more to do with socialising and banter with like-minded individuals. For me this doesn’t work. My interests better aligned with a sweet old Malaysian granny. Being blind-sided by traveller tales gets awkward and cringeworthy as I work to wangle a window of opportunity to scarper (without being rude). This is why I prefer the flashpacker experience. There is always a wider demographic. A more interesting mix of travellers all following their own interests. On this occasion as diverse as the stereotype with guitar to a family with kids.

Luxury by Ryokan

At Ryokan Chic Hostel we choose the Luxury Double Room with En-Suite Bathroom. No tiptoeing through puddles of pubes like forced to do in my previous hostel experience. The price cheaper than a hotel but with similar and same standard facilities. The experience better matched to a Boutique Hotel than a Backpacker Hostel. Admittedly I was a tad apprehensive on privacy and noise. Not a problem. The Luxury rooms separated by key card operated security doors and remain relatively silent. The rooms are understandably small but for short stays you don’t need much more. Cozy, king size bed, 32″ LCD TV, storage and bathroom. A few steps finds the Unesco Heritage area at Muntri Street. As a fan for design the Ryokan Chic brand has been on Fanfan’s radar for a while. It really did live up to expectations and more.

Booking for Ryokan Chic Hostel

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