Hope Addiction Centre in Thailand

Hope Rehab Center for Addiction Treatment in Thailand Beach ResortThailand is already well known for its health tourism, however apart from dentists and cosmetic surgery, there are also Rehab centres treating addiction. These are spread across the country from North to south. Hope Rehab is located on the coast of Thailand not far from Bangkok. Over the last decade there has been a number of facilities opened for western clients and these services seem to be most popular with US, Australian and UK citizens, as they are mainly English speaking programs.

The phrase “Destination Rehab” was coined by Cat Marnell, the well known American journalist who writes about her own struggles and attended the Hope facility in Thailand.

The cost of addiction treatment will always be an important factor for those needing help. Simon Mott the founder of Hope Rehab says that rehab treatment can cost the same as a small car depending on how long a client stays in treatment. Therefore low cost destinations are all the more attractive these days and, as you can imagine, being in Thailand helps to really keep down the running costs of the rehab centre.

Of course Thailand has many other attractive features, such as the spiritual culture and its friendly service minded people. Hope Rehab Center is located in a quiet residential area set on a hill and overlooking the Gulf of Siam on the coast. The local town of Sriracha offers all the amenities needed to support the centre and the clients who attend it. There is also a beautiful island just a 40 minute ferry ride away, so the area, and Thailand, are ideal for rehab, not just holidays.

If you are looking for help, for either you or a loved one, or even someone who you meet on your travels in Thailand, then rest assured help in not far away.

Sri Racha Hope Rehab Center for Addiction Treatment in Thailand Beach Resort

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