Engaged in Wicklow, Ireland

Following two weeks in Europe through Rome, Paris, London and Belfast I find the perfect moment to propose to Fanfan. While the Eiffel tower or Trevi Fountain may be thought of as the perfect scene for the occasion; trust me they are not. My original intention to propose in Paris was scuppered by touristic, unromantic and cliched experiences. Fanfan’s engagement ring passed many of Europe’s most romantic locations without leaving my pocket. It wasn’t until a visit to the Wicklow Mountains in Ireland, surrounded by cold winds, rain and a desolate backdrop that I felt comfortable to pop the question. Sounds horrible but felt right. The location I chose was near Sallys Gap the filming location of “PS I Love You”. We arrive by car from our nearby B&B, walk in the hills, I propose, Fanfan says Yes. We will marry quick; two weeks from the engagement in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia (25th April 2013).

PS I Love You Filming Location

Our engagement was near Sallys Gap (R759 Road) in a remote location of Ireland’s Wicklow Mountains. The scenery famous for popular rom com movie “PS I Love You” a film I first heard of last year while sat in a local Irish Bar in Bangkok. At this time Fanfan tells the “PS I Love You” story, gets sentimental and ends sat in tears in the middle of the bar. Hilarious. At the time I promised to bring Fanfan to Ireland and after failing to find romance in Europe our trip to the Wicklow Mountains felt perfect for the occasion despite the not so perfect conditions. Now bring on Bali. PS I Love You Fanfan.

Filming Location, PS I Love You Engaged in Wicklow Mountains Sallys Gap

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    1. LiveLessOrdinary

      Cheers Flip. Married last week and now completely penniless for travel. Now to make the most of Thailand 😉

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