Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot in Bali

Sharing the locations visited during our makeshift pre-wedding photoshoot in Bali. Starting from our Wedding Hotel (Alila Ubud) we work North to Kintamani and Mount Batur before turning back down to the Southwest coast. We hire a 7-seat minivan and driver for the day (8 hours, $40US). Myself, Fanfan and friends. Our friends do the photography so no need to pay extortionate prices for Pre-Wedding Photographers in Bali. Ok we probably should have dressed better for the occasion… Check here for our Simple Wedding in Ubud.

1. Rice Terraces of Tegalalang

The first stop on our pre-wedding photoshoot in Bali. Not on our planned itinerary but passing en route to Mount Batur the rice terraces are worth a quick visit. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to capture much. The problem is the tourists (as expected). Constant lines trekking to and from the path route at the foot of the terraces.

Rice Terraces, Pre-wedding Photo Shoot in Bali Photography Locations

2. Ulun Danu Batur Temple

Batur temple is found next to the more famous Mount Batur in the Northeast regions of Bali. Again this temple is a bit touristy (not like I remember it). Slightly disappointing. We didn’t even enter the grounds and instead capture a few photos outside temple walls. We find a better photo shoot location behind Batur Temple with panoramic views of Mount Batur.

3. Mount Batur (Active Volcano)

We stumble on a sneaky alley next to Batur Temple. We investigate. Curiosity pays off with unobstructed, panoramic views of Mount Batur (1st image below). The 2nd and 3rd image were similar photos taken at the touted viewpoint on the drive to Mount Batur. We’ll let you decide which is better.

4. Black Sand Beaches

Avoid the tourist beaches. Volcanic black sand beaches are by far the best option in Bali. Unknown to tourists and relatively untouched. We visit one of the many dotted across the island’s shores. The beach is empty offering unlimited time and opportunities for the wedding photo shoot.

5. Tanah Lot

A successful photo shoot at the iconic Tanah Lot island appeared no less than impossible. Extremely touristy. Cutting losses we salvage our admission fee and capture some rushed images on the rock structures surrounding. This was the final location for our pre-wedding photo shoot. The sun sets on Bali.

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  1. i found your page while searching information from BKK to LAOS, and thanks for all the information.

    The picture are great.



  2. hi , i m coming to bali on 18th of this month , i want to do a photoshoot for 3hrs we are 2 couples .what are the rates , we want dresses and makeup to, what it wil cost ?

  3. It’s hilarious that you complain about tourists despite the fact that, like a slob, you wear sneakers, a wrinkled shirt and rolled up sleeves for your pre-wedding photo shoot. I came across your photos only because I was looking for some classic shots. You stuck out like a sore thumb! I feel very sorry for your partner.

    1. We were married in Bali, out of a suitcase, while travelling through 13 countries in that month. It was probably the most half assed wedding possible. We did it last minute and didn’t even invite people to come, but family and friends flew across the world anyway to be there, because they love us. I hope one day someone loves you also, you bitter old troll, without you having to put on fancy pants. We’re currently road tripping through the Upper Tatras, on our way to the Alps, here’s a photo of my wife from tonight eating and drinking wine in some random Slovakian town called Bojnice, but she’s probably dying inside because I didn’t wear a dickie bow at some crap attempt at social convention. We enjoy travel and I really hope you enjoy dressing up all classic, or whatnot, you pitiful attempt at a man 😀 #jackass

    2. Note, she always wears nice dresses and I almost never wear shirts or slacks. So technically I am the one making the effort. Anyway, enjoy your classic themed wedding. It sounds adorable. Make sure to take lots of pictures 😀 xx

    3. Hi Daily Optic. Just checking in. It should be near your one year anniversary. Did you get to dress all classic? It must have been adorable. Anyway I am happy for you and your year of wedded bliss. It has been a turbulent year for us between Europe and Asia, a lot of road trips and covered around 20 countries. My wife does appear to be the happiest alive throughout but it’s hard when in reality she’s really dying inside. Because I didn’t dress all classic in some lame attempt at social convention. I did try better last month when I dressed all traditional at snow carpeted onsens but… there really is no going back from such a disaster. Anyway, up yours, allan.

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