How to Study for a Nursing Degree While Travelling Abroad in Thailand

Travelling abroad offers people a unique experience to step outside their comfort zone. It can help to open your eyes to new things and satisfy that craving you have to learn about different countries. But for all its good, travelling abroad can uproot your life if you plan on being away for a longer stay. If you’re preparing to start studying for your nursing degree but you have a dream of being able to visit and explore Thailand before you start your career, you may be wondering if it’s possible to have it all.

This advice makes it possible to study for your nursing degree while travelling abroad in Thailand without any sacrifices made to your marks.

An Online Degree Is an Absolute Must

The first piece of advice is the most important and that’s to search for a nursing degree program that is online. Even if it requires some on-campus portions, the majority should be online. This will make travelling abroad much easier as you won’t have to cram it into your school break schedule. The accelerated BSN nursing programs through Baylor University only have one two-week course on-campus. The other thing to factor in is the clinicals, which will need to be done in the field.

Online degrees have become much more popular in the past decade and are now getting the kind of respect that had been reserved for traditional on-campus programs. There is no negative impact in choosing online, in fact, it’s got a list of advantages.

A Schedule Helps Keep You On Track

Travelling abroad is a great way to live in the moment and discover new sights, cultures, and experiences but there is still the matter of schooling and the fact you need to give yourself enough time to get stuff done. Experts suggest that you create a daily schedule, which can be done the night before, giving you time for your studies and assignments as well as time to explore and live life as a tourist.

If you’re a visual learner you can use a day planner to see your day/week at a glance or even a calendar app that gives you the ability to set reminders and timers for specific events.

And of course, if you’re going to make a schedule, you need to stick with it. A schedule will only be helpful if you follow it.

Learn What Time of Day You Are the Most Productive

Getting to know your learning and study habits is a must while travelling abroad. This will ensure you can maximize your time. People tend to learn and be more productive at certain times of the day. Whether you’re a morning, afternoon, or night person doesn’t matter – it just means that is probably the best time to do your work. Granted you may not have much of a choice if you have any live online classes wherein you need to be there at a specific time.

Stop Procrastinating – Easier Said Than Done

This is one of the most over-used lines out there, but you must stop procrastinating. When travelling through Thailand, there will be plenty that captures your eye, excites you, and ultimately distracts you so the faster you can learn to stop procrastinating, the better for you.

It goes back to the schedule that you have created and make sure you complete all your tasks before you reward yourself with going out and exploring.

Speak to Your Travel Companions Before You Depart

If you are travelling with a significant other, friends, or family it’s wise to discuss your schedule before you go. Let your travelling companions know that your schoolwork is a priority, you will need to dedicate time to your studies and you will be using a schedule.

Your travel companions can still feel free to go out and do anything they want, they just need to know that there are blocks of the day where you are busy and can’t be disturbed.

Choose Accommodations with Wi-Fi

This is an extremely important point because if your accommodations don’t have Wi-Fi available to you, then you’ll lucky be stuck having to look around for a restaurant or coffee shop that you can hang out in and use their Wi-Fi while you work. That won’t be as quiet or as comfortable as your hotel room, so it’s not ideal.

Typically, the large hotels in most major cities of Thailand offer Wi-Fi but if you’re travelling to any of the remote areas, this can get a bit tricky. Either check out the hotel’s website in advance or give them a call and ask about Wi-Fi.

Invest in a Laptop or Chromebook

You’ll also need the proper hardware for your studies – usually a computer. You can purchase either a laptop or Chromebook, whatever suits your needs, expectations, and budget. If you’re on a tight student budget and just need a basic device, the Chromebook is likely more than enough.

One thing to be mindful of when shopping for a laptop or Chromebook is the battery life, the screen size, and the weight. When travelling, you want something that is lightweight and will stow in your carry-on bag or knapsack. You also want to know that the battery will last a good amount of time before charging giving you the flexibility to work from different locations.

Don’t View It As a Damper On Your Travels

Having to study and do work while exploring Thailand can put a damper on things, but it comes down to mind over matter. Tell yourself it’s not a big deal, believe in that, and know you can still have a great time even if you don’t have as much free time as you hoped.

TravelLing Abroad While Studying Could be a Fabulous Plan

If you have dreams of exploring Thailand but you’re also preparing to study for your nursing degree, there is no reason to choose one over the other. You can have it all and succeed in all.

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