The Five Most Popular Travel Destinations of 2022

Traveling has become the one way people can escape their daily routine. Rather than doing the same things and going to similar places, they get to experience a whole new world that they may not even have known about before their trip. 

Whether you are planning to vacation via a private jet charter or hoping to book first class tickets for the family, you may be wondering about possible destinations. 

Everyone has memories of their favorite vacation, which tempts them to book another trip to the same place. While such an idea is admirable, traveling is often about spontaneity and having new experiences. By seeing cities and countries you have never visited, you can broaden your horizons and experience other parts of the world. 

With that in mind, below are five of the most popular travel destinations of 2022. If you have never been to these places, you may want to consider them for a possible 2023 trip. 

1. Dominican Republic 

The Dominican Republic being so high on this list is not a surprise, as people in the United States traveled a great deal more in 2022 than in 2020 and 2021. Most visitors to the Dominican Republic come from the United States, as the trip is not too far and accommodations are very affordable. 

The charm of visiting the Dominican Republic is that you can have a truly luxurious vacation without breaking the bank. Resorts and five-star hotels are a lot more affordable compared to places such as the Maldives, which appeals to travelers. 

There are so many charming spots that you can visit on this island, including Cabarete Bay, Punta Cana, and Santo Domingo. The beaches are breathtaking, the resorts feel like paradise, and the weather is great most of the year. 

If you are hoping to visit a very specific place in the Dominican Republic, traveling by private jet may be the best option. Many of the more secluded reas are not easily accessible by commercial flights. Rather than having to rent a car, you can take a private flight to an airport closer to your destination. 

2. Turkey 

Another popular travel destination is Turkey, in no small part due to its excellent location. Turkey has great weather for most of the year, while its proximity to both Europe and Asia means that it gets travelers from the West and East throughout the year. 

Turkey may not be seen as a tourist hotspot in popular culture, but that goes against the data. More people visited Turkey in 2022 than France, England, Italy, or any other European nation. 

The natural beauty of Turkey is part of the reason people flock there every year. There are so many stunning waterfront cities where you can have the time of your life. Istanbul is bustling and incredibly lively throughout the year, even in the cold winter. 

3. Costa Rica 

Another country close to the United States, Costa Rica is at number three on our list of the five most visited places in 2022. The Central American nation is home to rainforests, beautiful beaches, cute and charming towns, and plenty of amenities at its resorts. 

If you are visiting Costa Rica, the Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio is a must-see spot, as the beaches, rainforest, and wildlife there are second to none. You may also want to check out Arenal Volcano, as it is one of those places that you must see in person. There are hot springs in the area that you can experience, along with ample hiking trails. 

4. Mexico 

The nation of Mexico is the dream destination for most travelers in North and South America. When you are living in places such as Canada or the colder parts of the United States, all you would want to do is travel to a place like Mexico to get some sunshine, warmth, and incredible food. 

Even people from Central and South America often visit Mexico, as tickets are not too expensive, and there are plenty of areas where you can stay affordably and still have a great vacation. 

Some of the more popular cities to visit in Mexico for tourists include Cancun, Mexico City, and Cabo San Lucas. The beaches at Cabo San Lucas are incredible and must be seen in person, not to mention the stunning El Arco rock formations. Mexico City is a vibrant and densely populated city like no other, while Cancun is the ultimate spring break destination for tourists. 

5. Jamaica 

One of the most famous nations in the Caribbean, Jamaica is a hugely popular tourist destination for people from around the world. Not only do they get a great deal of travelers from North America, but also from Europe and South America. 

With its mix of friendly culture, incredible local food, ample activities for nature lovers, and classy resorts, you can have the time of your life in Jamaica. Negril Beach is one example of an ideal tourist hotspot, as it stretches for miles and is often very peaceful to visit during the offseason. The white sand and aqua water will likely take your breath away. 

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