My Soft Spot for McDonald’s in Asia

This post is not in protest of hippies and food snobs. I am an actual fan of Mcdonald’s in Asia. Ethics or whatever aside I love their tasty burgers. I could eat Big Macs for a week and not get bored of them. No I have no idea what they are made of and I don’t care. If it tastes good I eat it. If it is convenient even more so. “Yup I’m eating a Big Mac… What of it??”

Nobody Likes a Scrooge

No-one can deny my dedication to street food. I eat local and street food twice a day minimum. I write about street food more than travel. This doesn’t mean I have to hate Mcdonald’s. Complaining about Mcdonald’s is like scrooge complaining about Christmas. Tiresome. Fact is McDonalds will always litter the world with franchises. Instead of grumbling I embrace it. If the Burmese want McDonald’s in downtown Yangon let them have it. Good for them. Imagine the smiles on kids faces during their first bite of a Big Mac. A truly magical moment.

Cute and Kitsch

As a gastro-tourist I do feel guilt as I walk to a McDonalds counter. It feels like a wasted meal on a short itinerary of food exploration. But in truth this is not the case. McDonalds is different in every country. Just because it’s McDonalds doesn’t mean it’s the same. On top of usuals the McDonalds in Asia offer their own unique regional twists. “Double Prosperity Burger?? Yes Please!”. And you’ve got to love their own cute and kitschy merchandise. I couldn’t be more proud of my complete set of ‘Hello Kitty McDonalds’ stuffed toys. Collected through Hong Kong and Macau. Jealous? My favourite is the Hamburglar. So much so I pretend to be him when I travel…

Avoiding Ring Sting

The deliciousness of Big Macs is not the only reason to eat Mcdonald’s in Asia. I am certain many travellers can relate. A week in Burma and most will be begging for a Big Mac. Especially those with the runs. Ring sting and chilli burps. Unfamiliar foods at every meal takes a belly of steel. For most of us we need to pace our eating and occasionally indulge in comfort foods. Even better Asian inspired comfort foods.

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  1. Great post. Happy to know i am not the only one. I go to McDonald’s in every country I go to! I love seeing the different regional specials from fried chicken, spaghetti, and omelettes in Indonesia to Milo McFlurries in Singapore and pinapple pork hamburgers in Bangkok.

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